Best True Crime Documentaries to Watch if You Like Worst Roommate Ever

Best True Crime Documentaries to Watch if You Like Worst Roommate Ever

Other than the Netflix Originals that dominate the rankings, the streamer’s true crime documentaries are also big hits with its subscribers. Case in point is the exhausting catalog of true crime shows that Netflix carries. If you are craving more gripping documentaries after the Worst Roommates Ever, we are here to guide you through the seemingly unlimited number of shows on Netflix. 

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer 

When we are talking about Netflix and true crime documentaries, serial killers are bound to make an appearance on this list. First up Night Stalker, is based on the psychopath, Richard Ramirez. Too many have lost their lives at the hands of this murderer in 1985 LA. 

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

This is based on the infamous case of Facebook and cat torture. How are these two related? Facebook users tracked down the uploader of the torture videos only to come across a murderer. 

Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

Do you think Money Heist was gripping? Wait till you watch this. Based on the Collar Bomb Case, the story unfolds the true story of a bank heist. Yes, it involves an evil genius and ticking time bombs. 

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The Keepers

Rewind back to 1969. Archbishop Keough High School is taken aback at the news of Sister Cathy’s death. But was the death natural or was her death a plot to cover up sexual abuse at the school? 

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

The police searched everywhere for Elisa Lam, but the 21-year-old had vanished in thin air. Last seen stepping inside the elevator, Elisa was never seen again. Are supernatural forces at work here?

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

The Raincoat Killer is a true crime documentary on Netflix that will shatter your image of Korea and will make you think twice before visiting the country. From 2003 to 2004, Seoul’s violent crime unit could not rest trying to hunt down Yoo Young Chul, a serial killer. Not only did he murder the women but also targeted their entire families. Things get beyond freaky when you learn he ate their organs. 

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