Who Will Be the Next Gypsy Queen in Peaky Blinders? What Will the Family Do Without Polly?

Who Will Be the Next Gypsy Queen in Peaky Blinders? What Will the Family Do Without Polly?

Nothing hurts the fans more than the death of their favorite characters in the show. However, the world was taken aback after the regrettable passing of Helen McCrory in 2021. Helen played Tommy’s aunt Polly on the hit BBC series Peaky Blinders. After her death, fans of the show worldwide were left into a frenzy as to who will fill in the huge void Polly Gray left. In season six, episode one, we got answers to all these questions, and things are looking interesting.

Who will take Polly’s place in Peaky Blinders?

Since the beginning of Shelby Company Limited, Polly Gray has been an integral part of the company. She is one of the few people who can actually tame the untamable Tommy Shelby. And throughout the show, we understand that Tommy also respects Polly and listens to her. This mutual respect was an interesting part of the show.

However, after the death of Helen, writes had to kill off Polly in the show. It is shown that Polly was killed on the night of Oswald Mosleys failed assassination, and now Tommy is in pursuit of revenge from those who killed her.

Even though filling Polly’s place is an immeasurable task, episode one does give us hints as to who will. In the episode, Arthur is a complete mess, and no one in the family knows what to do. It is the Shelby sister Ada (Sophie Rundle) who steps up for the task. She tries to control Arthur, and though she feels lost without Polly and marks that had Polly been there, she would’ve not let Arthur stoop so low. It was a transition point to see Ada as taking the matriarchal place of Polly and taking the family’s leadership.

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Who will be the next Gypsy Queen?

We all know that Polly was the spiritual connection of Tommy to their gypsy heritage. Polly always interpreted Tommy’s dreams and told him about his visions to help Tommy run the family. But now that she is gone on, one can help Tommy to interpret visions and guide him. However, in the last few minutes of the show, it is revealed that Ruby, Tommy’s daughter,  is having visions that frighten Tommy out. She, while being heavily feverish, also starts to chant Romani words.

All of this is an indicator that, moving forward, Ruby might help Tommy by receiving visions. And even though Ruby might not understand what these visions mean. Tommy, or with the help of Johnny Dogs and his wife, can understand the meaning of her visions.

As we are only one episode in the new season of Peaky Blinders, we cannot say with conviction who will take Polly’s place, but it is safe to say that only a single person cannot do what the great Polly Gray did. And now that Michael blames Tommy and his ambition for his mother’s death. It looks like even after death, Polly is still a great stimulus in the show.

Do let us know what you think about Polly being killed off in the show?

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