5 Key Learning of Ye’s Life From ‘Jeen Yuhs: A Kanye Documentary’ Series on Netflix

5 Key Learning of Ye’s Life From ‘Jeen Yuhs: A Kanye Documentary’ Series on Netflix

Kanye West, or now Ye, has been a controversial figure through the years, no doubt. However, no one can deny that the man has undoubtedly made a name for himself and shall go down in history as one of the most popular artists ever. And through his humble beginnings in Chicago to the man he is now. It looks like directors Coodie and Chike Ozah had the most faith in them. They documented his journey over 20 years and released them over the course of three films on Netflix called jeen yuhs.

The documentary about Ye taught us a lot about the guy. Showed him when he had nothing to the point there is nothing he couldn’t have. We learn a lot about the man, the myth the legend along his journey.

So here are the five key things we learned from jeen yuhs

Jay Z did not believe in him first

Despite incorporating one of Kanye’s tracks on his single “Izzo (H.O.V.A. ),” Jay-Z was skeptical of Kanye’s ability as a rapper. Despite Yeezy’s urgent attempts to sign to Jay’s Roc-A-Fella Records label, he frequently felt as though the company would dangle false promises in front of him.

Kanye hustled till he reached the pot of gold at the end of his rainbow, storming the building and forcing Jay’s employees to listen to his tape. Though Jay may have needed persuasion, others did not. The film shows a young Pharrell, John Legend, Ludacris, P Diddy, and Jamie Foxx. Through a quick Beyonce appearance – all raving about this young, up-and-coming producer/talent. rapper’s

His mother meant the world to him

The film focuses heavily on Kanye’s inextricably strong bond with his single mother, who reared him alone. We witness her promoting him as the family’s don with affirmative statements about how he’s the “Finest Son,” to which he shyly replies, “And you da best Mom.” Not only did he devote a song to her in the form of ‘Hey Mama,’ but she also kept him modest.

In particular, we witness one incident where Donda gives Kanye some advice and assures him that. “A giant sees nothing when he looks in the mirror. Keep in mind that you might be on the ground and in the air at the same time. Everybody else sees the giant.”

Her death changed Ye

Kanye was a funny figure with no ego before Donda’s death (at the age of 58, in late 2007). It’s nearly inconceivable to watch him currently hosting shows with silly English comic Alan Carr, such as ‘The Friday Night Project.’

Kanye’s mental state unraveled into a chaotic encapsulation of narcissism without his mother to keep him grounded, beginning with the infamous Taylor Swift incident in 2009 and later unfolding into a bipolar-induced smorgasbord of mental breakdowns, the controversy around his ‘MAGA’ affiliation with Donald Trump, comments about slavery, and the sudden cancellation of live shows following Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery in 2016.

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He is a jeen-yuhs (genius) nevertheless

His self-proclaimed label is questioned by a buddy at one point in the Netflix series, who correctly points out that to acquire such a name, it must be conferred upon you by the public.

Kanye has demonstrated his dynamic versatility across various art forms through his hugely successful Adidas collaboration. His venture into a unique fashion range aired on catwalks worldwide – including military uniforms – his unique ‘listening experience’ live show. And his ‘Sunday Service’ concept.

‘THROUGH THE WIRE’ is his best ever

For every artist, one single achievement stands out as their undoubted pinnacle. ‘Through The Wire,’ from Mr. West’s debut album, ‘The College Dropout,’ was the song. Kanye narrates the story of how his jaw was clamped shut during his recovery from a near-fatal automobile accident in 2002, even rapping on the track via a wire.

Kanye and Coodie walked throughout the streets of NYC to film the video for the autobiographical remembrance on a shoestring budget, using camera footage to stitch together an official production. It went on to win ‘Video of the Year’ at the 2004 Source Hip Hop Awards, was certified Platinum and Gold in the UK and US. And helped Kanye win ‘Best Best Rapper Album at the 2005 Grammy Awards’.

jeen yuhs is currently streaming on Netflix.

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