Casting Begins for Love Is Blind Japan Season 2: Who Will Be the Next Ryotaro and Motomi?

Casting Begins for Love Is Blind Japan Season 2: Who Will Be the Next Ryotaro and Motomi?

Love is Blind Japan debuted in 2022 and fans around the world enjoyed the “grounded” reality show based on a social experiment where lovers don’t see each other until their engagement. It ended up working for two couples who got married on the show. Now, Netflix has announced that they are actively looking for contestants for Love is Blind Japan season 2.

Casting is a big process

Can you nurture love only by conversation without seeing each other, then make a proposal? This is a crazy idea, but we saw two couples get married from Love Is Blind: Japan, which is the proof of this miracle reality show, said Mitsuko Koboyashi. Despite the result, creators are still on the look for the right contestants for Love is Blind Japan.

The creators will conduct an open casting for the show to find their next Ryotaro and Motomi and Midori and Wataru. Most of the contestants from the previous season were on social media, it is likely to be the same this season. Recently a crew member of the show took to Reddit to answer some final fan questions. He explained that it was initially hard to cast people because such shows are rare in Japan. Additionally, the people were not inclined to show their vulnerable side on a show. 

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When will Love is Blind Japan season 2 air?

Netflix has not set an official date for the release of Love is Blind Japan season 2. However, since the hunt for contests has already begun, the show will probably arrive on the platform sometime in 2023. The last season was shot from June to July 2021 and then dropped in February 2022. 

Hopefully, the cast will reflect diversity in the first season. The Japanese version included a divorcee Nanako and a 56-year-old single Shuntaro. The US version tried to include diversity in the show but received flak for its lack of body diversity.

It is a spin-off of the uber-popular pod dating show, which just concluded its second run and had a reunion. The US version has inspired a Brazil version as well, which will be returning for a second season this year. Whereas, the streamer has greenlit the American version of the pod dating show through season 5.

Do you think there will be another Ryotaro and Motomi on Love is Blind Japan? Let us know in the comments.

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