Love Is Blind Season 2: Chris Coelen Hits Back at the Criticism – Says Everyone Had an Equal Opportunity

Love Is Blind Season 2: Chris Coelen Hits Back at the Criticism – Says Everyone Had an Equal Opportunity

The Netflix pod drama, Love is blind, is back for a season 2. Featuring 10 episodes, the dating show dropped the first five episodes already, the next four episodes are to drop on Feb 18 and the finale episode will be aired on Feb 25. The creators promised loads of drama for the month of February, but what they didn’t expect was the backlash from the viewers. 

However, novel the concept was, the viewers have expressed their frustration over lack of body diversity, lack of screentime, and body-shaming. Out of 30 singles, hardly 12 of them get enough screen time. Featuring two curvy women in Season 2 had fans all expecting much more from the show. But to their disappointment, Love Is Blind Season 2 creators cast them aside pretty quickly. This has all the fans enraged as they took to Twitter to express their exasperation over the show. 

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Chris Coelen, the man behind the show, explained how it was all a misunderstanding. 

“No, we had every kind of person that we could find come into this environment, and everybody had an equal opportunity. Both Season 1 and Season 2, we really tried to have a diverse pool of participants in every sense of what that word means — whether it’s experience or body type or ethnicity or whatever.”

He mentioned that he never played favorites, nor did he try to pull the strings. All they did was set up the “mechanisms”. Regarding the controversy surrounding screentime, he said, “There’s only so many people that we showed.”

Love is blind season 2 is still very addicting 

Season 2 features 30 singles, who have come to the show to find true love. The show wants the singles to form an emotional connection with each other eliminating superficial aspects of love. The dating takes place in pods and a white wall separates them. They are not allowed to peek at each other until they propose and get engaged. They only meet to make it official and get agreed. 

Leaving the criticisms aside, the show continues to be addictive, despite being shallow. Catch the reality show on Netflix now. 

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