Inside the Men’s Lounge, Love Is Blind Season 2

Inside the Men’s Lounge, Love Is Blind Season 2

Everyone wants to have a quiet evening and maybe some easy-watch tv shows after a long day of work. Well, Netflix has just the thing for you. A long list of excellent reality TV shows is available at your service. They have everything shows such as Survivor, Too Hot To Handle, and many more. One such amazing show is back. Yes, Love is Blind is back!

Inside the men’s lounge

Each reality TV show has its specific location for which they are known for. The Bachelor has its luxurious Southern California mansion, and Survivor has its remote Fijian island. Similarly, Love is Blind has its pods and lounges. Pods are small separate rooms where the couple talk and spends time without seeing each other. And when they are done talking, they go to a shared lounge.

In a recent clip released by Netflix, we get an inside look at how life was in the Men’s lounge. In the clipping season 2 contestants, Shayne and Jarrette, talk about how they spend their time in the lounge without their phones or any social media.

At the beginning of the clip, Shayne and Jarrette are talking about who they thought gossiped the most on the show, with Jarrette saying he knew who gossiped the most, according to him. Then the boys agreed that the most gossip happened around the kitchen, and both of them called the bar their “Home” as they spent most of their time behind the bar reviewing and talking about their blind dates.

The clip shows us the men’s lounge in its entirety. The lounge is stunning and has excellent furniture. A pool table has been installed to keep the boys entertained as they have to leave their phones at home.

About the pods, the guys said they used to snack a lot while inside the pods, with Shayne’s favorite being the ding dongs, while Jarrette finished all the Takis as he spoke.

At last, the lads shared their experience of being in the show and said that the experience changed their whole perception of what they used to call Love.

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Love is Blind Season 2

Love is Blind is currently available on Netflix from February 11th. It is back after a two-year hiatus, with fresh thirty contestants. The first four episodes will be available with the premier. The following will be four more episodes on February 18th February and a finale on the 25th.

So which couple do you think will stay forever together till death do them apart? Let us know in the comments down below. The new seasons is currently streaming on Netflix.

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