A Roundtable Brings ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples From Miles Apart – US, Japan, and Brazil – Together to Talk About Dating, Pods, and Love

A Roundtable Brings ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples From Miles Apart – US, Japan, and Brazil – Together to Talk About Dating, Pods, and Love

After Love is Blind, Netizens claim that pods are far better than dating apps. The show had releases in different regions and countries. And with the time and cultural differences, we found the people are all same. They all prefer a dinner date to a movie date, a big honeymoon instead of a big wedding. And such is the case of Love is Blind couples, as well.

According to the contestants, dating apps can be superficial. Sometimes looks can be deceiving and we might not find our potential partner. But finding a partner with similar interests, without seeing each other faces, can be very interesting. This has remained true in all the different regions the show has a release. Therefore, for the first time in the history of Love is Blind, contestants from three franchises have come together to compare their journeys with one another. The contestants include Wataru and Midori from Love Is Blind: Japan, Natalie and Deepti from Love Is Blind 2, and Lissio and Luana from Love Is Blind: Brazil.

Let’s find out what they have to say about their experiences.

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Love is Blind couples share their experiences

In a conversation with Tudum, Chris Coelen, the creator of Love is Blind share how they made this method of finding love to be universal. “The pods could literally be in any country, in any city, in any place in the world. The pods aren’t about the place. The pods are about an experience,” he said.

All the contestants have a unique journey. However, they agree on one thing: The experiment is a more serious way to find a partner than popular methods like dating apps. This method cancels out the shallow stereotypes. A great example is Midori and Wataru from Love is Blind: Japan who are living happily together. The couple recently received their official marriage certificate.

Their wedding is a surprise for Natalie, who is a fangirl. She is definitely happy for them, but not happy with the spoilers. According to Midori, couples from America and Brazil are more upfront and open than Japanese people. Moreover, Natalie appreciated the contestant in Brazil’s show and expresses that they are raw and “don’t hold back their vulnerabilities.”

The experience of falling in love in pods

Falling in love with each other without seeing each other is quite an experience in itself. Deepti expressed, “It’s not just like another dating show where you’re just kind of seeing how it goes — you really want to find your person and get married. I think that’s very bonding.” Furthermore, Natalie added that one learns about themselves a lot in this entire process.

Luana and Lissio from Love is Blind: Brazil agree that the experiment is so unbelievable. People on the street often ask them if they were actors who received payments to fall in love.

By the end of the interview, it is suffice to say that Luana and Lissio and Wataru and Midori are happily married and Deepti and Natalie are moving forward with their life. We stan all this positivity. What about you?

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