Ares and Raquel’s Love Story Isn’t Done Yet! Netflix Announces Two ‘Through My Window’ Sequels

Ares and Raquel’s Love Story Isn’t Done Yet! Netflix Announces Two ‘Through My Window’ Sequels

Netflix is not only revolutionizing its content by adopting some of the best non-English shows and movies. It is also increasing it rapidly. And we, as viewers, are always in for a treat. Be it sci-fi, horror, sitcom, or rom-com, the streaming service has a vast library for every genre! And it takes just a matter of time for the streaming giant to pick up a sequel, a spinoff, or a new season for a popular show or movie. One such drama is the love story of Ares and Raquel. Yes! Netflix just announced not one but two Through My Window sequels, and we are already excited.

With After movies, Kissing Booth, and To All The Boys threequels slowly stepping down the spotlight, Netflix had a void to fill. Seemingly, the Tall Girl movie series has already snatched the attention, and now Netflix will let this Spanish teen drama steal the stage. Let’s get into everything we know so far about the Through My Window sequel; starting with the most obvious question:

What might be in Through My Window sequels?

We all know by now, Netflix adapted this erotic love story from a Wattpad novel by Ariana Godoy. It follows Raquel and Ares as they entwine themselves into an erotic relationship from what seemed a hide and seek show earlier. And we are glad Raquel went beyond her limits watching the heartfelt ending.

Notably, the author published the second part of this 2016 book in 2018 on Wattpad, titled Through YouAlthough its synopsis is kind of confusing, it introduces us to a woman who lived with the three very handsome Hildago brothers. She is eager to share with us her side of the story while growing up with Ares, Artemis, and Apolo. Well, not everything is rosy in the life of a girl like her. And that’s the exact story the first sequel might bring to our screens.

Further, Godoy added the last installment to the Through My Window sequels, soon after the second book. Titled, Through The RainIt tells the tale of youngest Hildago brother, Apolo. Interestingly, Apolo is a perfect suitor for anyone finding true love. Apolo is a sweet boy with all the good intentions, finding a purpose in life. But do girls always like nice guys? Or is he in for a heartbreak? Well, the second sequel of Through my Window might answer all such lingering questions.

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Who will return to the sequels?

We are sure to watch more of our beloved character Ares and Raquel. Hence, Julio Peña and Clara Gelle are definitely returning. Along with them, we will also see more of Ares’s younger and older brother. So, Hugo Arbues as Apolo and Eric Masip as Artemis are also likely to return. Apart from these, Raquel’s best friends, Daniela, played by Natalia Azahara and Yoshi, played by Guillermo Lasheras, will also return. Further, as Ares’s parents and Raquel’s mother played a little but significant role, we may see more of them, along with a few new faces.

Did Netflix announce the release date?

Well, not yet. Although the streaming giant confirms not one but two sequels through a twitter post which read; “Ares and Raquel’s love story isn’t done yet!” It didn’t let out any news regarding the release date just yet.

However, Through my Window made its debut just in time of valentine, and if the streaming service is the mood of back-to-back shoots, the sequels of this teen drama may flash on our screens in the season of love in 2023.

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Are you already excited about Through My Window sequels? Stay tuned with us to get all the updates right on your smart device.

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