WATCH: Through My Window Stars Julio Pena And Clara Galle Read One Of Ares And Raquel’s Most Iconic Scenes From A Traves de mi Ventana

WATCH: Through My Window Stars Julio Pena And Clara Galle Read One Of Ares And Raquel’s Most Iconic Scenes From A Traves de mi Ventana

She is a moth to his flame, and he never hesitates to burn her. If you are a fan of After you know exactly what we are talking about. No, it’s not Tessa and Hardin this time; It’s Raquel and Ares, the popular lovebirds from the Wattpad novel Through My Window. Readers have been highly excited since Netflix announced the movie adaptation of the original Spanish novel A Traves de mi Ventana by Ariana Godway. And finally, the wait is over, its February 4 today, and you can fall in love with Raquel and Ares through your window on Netflix.

What’s heating Raquel and Ares in Through My Window?

By now, we all know the movie is about Ares and Raquel, two neighbors who never uttered a word to each other until that one night when Raquel found out about Ares’s deeds. He hacked her wi-fi and probably her computer as well! She now follows her long-time crush everywhere. Although she is not determined to make Ares fall for her, in this game of hide and seek, sparks of love ignite.

Moreover, the novel portrays Ares as a charismatic playboy and son of some rich entrepreneur. His only goal is to join the family business and not develop any hard feelings until then. But will he be able to resist himself after crossing paths with his hot and irresistible neighbor? Or will Raquel bend her rules for him? We can only find that out by streaming this teenage romance on Netflix.

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Did you know the on-screen love birds are as much cute as off-screen?

We know Raquel and Ares already enchanted you with their chemistry, but what if we introduce you to the actors who played them in a much more intriguing way? Recently, Netflix took to Twitter to share a clip of Julio Pena And Clara Galle reading the most iconic conversation from A Traves de mi Ventana of their characters. And trust us, we can’t put our eyes off these two sweeties.

In the video, they read out exactly the scene that made us fall in love with this duo. Remember how it all started with the wi-fi password? And the conversation that followed through Raquel aka Clara’s window? Well, here we see them reading out the exact scene in Spanish and you will truly fall in love with Julio’s expressions as Clara teases him with witty lines and cute gestures.

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As the season of love has begun, watch Through My Window on Netflix today and fall in love with everything that’s there in this teenage romance.

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