Through My Window: The Moment When the World Stopped to Watch Ares Workout in Rain

Through My Window: The Moment When the World Stopped to Watch Ares Workout in Rain

We all have been living a rather banal life, and we so desire to find reasons to keep going for a couple of more days. Well, as weird as it may sound, Netflix is sure one reason to keep going, especially with the wide range of content it provides to us. Be it science-fiction, romance, horror, mystery, Netflix has it all. And while we are at it, let us acknowledge the number of romantic movies and shows the streaming network boasts, one of which is the latest steamy Spanish movie Through My Window.

In an attempt to bless our lives with euphoric content, Netflix recently tweeted a rather hot slowmo video of Through My Window starlet, Ares, working out in the rain. Sure, it is not much, but truth be told, the video is hot enough to send shivers down your spine. So what are we waiting for? Let’s just get into the rain and be in awe of the magnificent beast that Ares is.

Ares of Through My Window working out in the rain

Now we already know that Raquel is a girl who goes out of her way to look at and admire Ares. It seemed a bit creepy at first, but looking at the results it has given, we are sure glad for what she did. I mean, if it was not for her, we definitely would not have had the privilege of gazing at the beautiful sight of Ares in the rain.

In the video, we see Ares and the football team training, and that too without shirts on! While Raquel is trying to steal a glance or two from between the stands, we see a downpour of heavenly rainwater, as if it fell down to make us realize the beauty Ares’s body holds. We see Ares doing push-ups, crunches, and, of course, jogging up and down the pitch.

By the way, even though the primary focus of the video is Ares, no one is stopping you from checking out the other guy. Because let’s face it, they are pretty hot as well.

Through My Window is now streaming on Netflix.

Did you watch this movie yet? Let us know what is your favorite scene from it.

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