Revisit the Clip: Sebastian Meets Gwendoline’s Heisting Crew in Army of Thieves

Army of Thieves has been out since October 29th, 2021 and viewers seem to have largely enjoyed the movie. However, this one scene seems to be getting a lot of attention. In this clip, Sebastian is surprised to see the crew members. He questions Gwendoline about how the gang works. Revisit the clip here:

So, is it like in a movie film where each one of us has a different skillset and it’s only working together so that we can pull off that which needs pulling off?”

While Army of Thieves was a fun ride of a film, this line Sebastian Ludwig Deiter, played by the brilliant Matthias Schweighöfer, says is perhaps the highlight of the entire movie. Walt Whitman could never.

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The premise of the scene- what is Army of Thieves really about?

So the events of the movie begin about 6 years before the events of Army of the Dead, it is a prequel to the latter. But, unlike Army of the Dead that was jam-packed with thrill and intense action, this prequel is a little on the softer side.

Co-producer of the series, Deborah Snyder saysWho’s done a prequel where it’s a different genre of film? To me, this is more of a romantic, comedy, heist film than anything else. It just happens to live in this world where zombies are in the U.S. and it’s causing the banking system some instability.

But fans of the series are also not in for a disappointment. Army of Thieves centers Sebastian Deiter, played by Matthias Schweighöfer, who is also directing the film! In his reprising role, Schweighöfer has attempted to make the film as quirky and light-hearted as Deiter himself.

While its sequel boasts intense drama and a lot of bloodsheds, Army of Thieves is just a movie about a group of individuals with different talents who are taking advantage of the media coverage of the zombie breakout by planning a heist. The movie also recounts why cracking The Götterdämmerung is of great significance to Deiter.

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