“You know, it’s bittersweet”: Jason Bateman Says While Reminiscing About His Last Scene With Laura Lenny

“You know, it’s bittersweet”: Jason Bateman Says While Reminiscing About His Last Scene With Laura Lenny

Working on a TV series is equivalent to working on a movie franchise in terms of the time you spend with your castmates. And the relationship you forge with them. The longer the years you work, the deeper the bond gets. So when the inevitable day arrives for you to finally say goodbye to the show and to the second family, tears are a must. For Jason Bateman and the cast of Ozark, the day to say goodbye to the series was while shooting a crucial scene, not the final scene, though.

In an interview, the actor talked about the emotions and tears while shooting the last ever scene for the hit Emmy-winning crime drama. Let us see what the actor had to say.

Jason Bateman on shooting the last scene for Ozark

Ozark has been a highly successful show for Netflix. And the acting/directing of Jason Bateman has been a huge part of that success. Naturally, when you have been part of a show for almost six years, it gets hard to say goodbye.

So when Jason was asked if the last scene he shot with his on-screen wife Laura Linney accompanied some waterworks, Bateman had something interesting to share.

Bateman shared with the audience without giving any huge spoiler away that the last scene they shot for Ozark was not the final scene. Bateman emphasizes the importance of the scene they shot last by saying it “was a big moment in the show.” 

So while discussing how it felt to shoot the last scene ever Jason said that even though sadness and melancholy were there, it was a “bittersweet” experience.

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He goes on to say how happy and grateful the whole cast was to end the show on their own terms. Jason adds by saying they were really happy with the way they ended the show and finished things without “screwing up.”

The final seven episodes of Ozark season 4 part 2 started streaming on Netflix on April 29th. So it is a little early to reveal which scene the actor might have been talking about as it might spoil the ending for many viewers.

However, do let us know which scene you think it could’ve been if you have seen the show in the comments below.


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