Where Have You Seen ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Star Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Before? Ryan Reynolds Has Been His Co-Star

Where Have You Seen ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Star Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Before? Ryan Reynolds Has Been His Co-Star

Netflix loves using its actors in new projects. But the best part of using the same actors is that if they had a smaller role in a previous film or series, they can get a larger and sometimes a lead role in a new one. Just take the example of Julia Garner. Julia surprised the whole world and Netflix with her performance in Ozark. And after that, she landed her own series Inventing Anna. And with The Lincoln Lawyer, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo was given a similar opportunity.

The actor has really capitalized on his opportunity of portraying a lawyer in the Netflix Original. The whole world appreciated and applauded his performance. But why do we seem to recall him in a movie with the hysterical Ryan Reynolds? Let’s see when the two actors shared the screen before.

Previos Manuel Garcia-Rulfo film with Ryan Ryenolds

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has been in the talks a lot lately. His newest tv show, The Lincoln Lawyer, has been received by the audiences very well. And has already had enough success to get a season 2. So we will be seeing more of Manuel in a black coat.

But where have we seen him before? Among his most popular outings are the 2016 reimagining of The Magnificent Seven and the 2017 Murder on the Orient Express. However, do you guys know that The Lincoln Lawyer was Manuel’s second Netflix Original?

Before starring as Mickey Haller, he was seen beside Ryan Reynolds in the 2019 high-action driven film 6 Underground. Manuel played Three in the film.

Although he did not have a huge role in the film. His acting skills did get him his own show, for which he worked very hard, and it paid off. Now with a season 2 also in work, who knows how many more projects with Manuel we’ll get to see.

Will he return in 6 Underground?

Unfortunate, no one from the original cast, including Manuel will return as Netflix has canceled the idea of a 6 Underground sequel. High officials at the streaming service site people not having enough love for the characters or the world as a reason for not moving forward with a sequel.

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What do you guys think? Should the movie get a sequel or not? Also let us know if you guys liked Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s performance in The Lincoln Lawyer.

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