Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Has “Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield doing the fusion Dance” for Fans, and “Lucifer” Too

Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Has “Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield doing the fusion Dance” for Fans, and “Lucifer” Too

Yet another Michael Connelly book adaptation is on the way. The Netflix adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer is coming to the platform on May 13. The trailer has piqued fans’ interest, who enjoyed Connelly’s work and mostly enjoyed the 2011 movie that had the charming Matthew McConaughey in the lead. The streamer has released yet another short clip that introduces a possible antagonist, Trevor Elliot. And we just spotted a startling resemblance between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield! Can you see it too? Because we can’t un-see it now.

Trevor Elliott actor resembles Ryan Reynolds, Andrew Garfield, and Netflix’s Lucifer

In this Legacy clip from Netflix‘s The Lincoln Lawyer, fans noticed how much Trevor Elliott actor Christopher Gorham looks like the Hollywood actors.

It’s his face shape and facial features that makes him look like the two actors are doing a “fusion dance!”. A fan has pointed out that for a second he thought he was looking at Lucifer’s Tom Ellis! On second thought, Gorham and Tom are sure look-alikes! 

You may think where you have seen the actor before. Well, the actor is mostly known for playing Auggie Anderson in Covert Affairs and Bobby in 2 Broke Girls. He also appeared as David Wilson in A Boy Called Po. Here’s another trivia – the actor was Bob Bernard in Netflix’s failed comedy Insatiable

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Who is Trevor Elliot in The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix?

When Mickey Haller comes back to practice after a 2 years break he is handed the case of tech zillionaire, Trevor Elliott. Trevor created a code that added life-like vision to video game characters. But the techie is facing murder charges at the moment. He is accused of murdering his wife and her partner when he walked in on them cheating.

Trevor wants Mickey to wrap up the case as quickly as possible without extending the trial. Because that would cost him the deal and his company. He pressurizes the lawyer to take up the case and give his best shot because both stands to benefit from the case if they end up winning it.

You can stream the series from May 13.

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