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Best Shows Like The Umbrella Academy Streaming Right Now on Netflix

With the new year having made its dramatic entry; fans expected Netflix to premiere new seasons of their favorite drama series. One such series is the very famous Umbrella Academy. Unfortunately, the streaming service shattered our hopes by not announcing the release dates of the season. But wait! Don’t get hopeless just yet because we have some stunning recommendations of shows like The Umbrella Academy, which you will surely want to binge-watch from the comfort of your home.

Here’s a list of shows like the Umbrella Academy that will keep you going till we get to know what’s more for the seven cousins in the seriesMind you though, you may want to attain superpowers for yourselves as you watch these phenomenal shows on Netflix.

Stranger Things

Set in the 1980s in Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger Things is all about slaying demons, and secret government. When a small boy, Will, goes missing, the townspeople experience strange and mystical things. We come across El, who has the superpower to move objects with her mind. There are dope demons like shadow monsters and a Guillermo del Toro Pale Man with a venus flytrap for a head. Both Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy are evocative sci-fi thrillers. Moreover, with characters having numbered names just as our very favorite show; Stranger Things tops this list.


The five-season Netflix series, Misfits, also stars Robert Sheehan. Along with Sheehan, Antonia Thomas, Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha, and Nathan Stewart Jarret; attain special abilities while performing the community service because of various offenses. This results from an electric storm. Like The Umbrella Academy, Misfits also revolves around these young adults who become friends along the way and become handy to each other.

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Locke & Key

It seems like fathers play a major role in introducing their children to phenomenal entities and powers in both shows. The three Locke siblings, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, return to their ancestral home with their mother after their father’s murder. The key house comes with mystical keys and a weird demonic character. Locke & Key is an adaptation of a comic book by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The themes of family, power, and mystery explored in this series will surely remind you of the seven cousins in The Umbrella Academy

Sense 8

The Netflix Original, from the creators of Babylon 5 and The Matrix, revolves around the life of 8 strangers who share their consciousness. They are no longer a single person; they are ”re-born a Senseate” after experiencing a tragic death through visions. While one mysterious man (Jonas) helps them, the other hunts them down (Whispers) with the same supernatural power to gain full access. How will they wade these complex waters?

When we say the characters of The Umbrella Academy are connected in a true sense; we cannot forget Sense 8. The series dwells around this idea of interconnection among its superheroes.

Sweet Tooth

The last in the line of likes of The Umbrella Academy is the post-apocalyptic fantasy drama, Sweet Tooth. It is based on a comic by Jeff Lemire and produced by Robert Downey Jr. It is a story of virus, violence, chaos, and innocence and follows Christian Convery aka Gus, an 11-year-old Sweet Tooth who is born half-human, half-deer. This mutation in DNA is the consequence of a virus in a war that infects millions and brings mayhem to the world. Will Gus be able to survive the world that blames these innocent hybrids for the situation?

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This fiction series puts its mystical but innocent Sweet Tooth in survival crisis just like The Umbrella Academy puts the life of its supernatural heroes at stake.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when our beloved show The Umbrella Academy will come out with its season 3. So, in the meantime, let us binge-watch these phenomenal shows. Have you watched any of these yet? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.




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