Check the Best-Picked Locke and Key Memes Here!

Check the Best-Picked Locke and Key Memes Here!

It feels like yesterday when I was sobbing while listening to Hozier’s Shrike while it played in the background of a Locke and Key episode. Netflix has once again given a pretty amazing show and we are waiting for yet another season of it. But what if you also crave some Locke and Key content just like me? Well, there are memes that may help you cope with it. So, let’s check out some amazing Locke and Key memes that have made the internet laugh.

Even though there have been only two seasons for this Netflix Original, it has been a pretty fun ride featuring a little of everything- happiness, anger, sadness, confusion, and much more. Let us relive both of these seasons with a few memes, shall we?

How old are iPods, seriously?

We all related to Bode and Duncan at the same time when they encountered a drawer full of cassettes. I mean, yeah, they are old, but iPods seem to be old too. We feel you, Bode, we really do. As for Duncan, good save man.

Bode is the absolute king!

I don’t even know how, but there are people who hate Bode. I mean, are you people okay? How can you hate such a goofball of a human? I only have one thing to say, and that is –

Dodge was honestly very dangerous, but OMG! The accuracy-

Dodge? Dodge

Oh, poor Tyler, we do understand how confusing it can be; you definitely are not alone.

And here is your guide to ‘How to not find out if someone is a Locke and Key fan’-

A little breaking of the fourth wall

You must be having someone around you right now who will be like this-

And I definitely know that you are irritated with it. Hence, here I will use this opportunity to use the best Locke and Key meme, and that is-

What were your favorite Locke and Key memes from the above ones? Did we miss out on anything?

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