If You Fell in Love With Paris, Check These ‘Emily in Paris’ Like Shows

If You Fell in Love With Paris, Check These ‘Emily in Paris’ Like Shows

If you have binged season 2 of Emily in Paris, you must have got the hang of French by now. Unfortunately, your French lessons will have to wait as Netflix has not yet renewed the series for season 3. However, we have got shows like Emily in Paris, which will keep you busy until the release of season 3.

Call My Agent

First off, we have a French comedy-drama to make you feel right at home. If you loved Emily in Paris for its depiction of a Parisian workplace, then Call My Agent will give you a more accurate representation. The four-season series follows three agents at a talent firm trying to deal with their star clients.

Also, your French will improve drastically, and you won’t require subtitles while watching Emily in Paris. The French dramedy has received an IMDb score of 8.3.

Dash & Lily

When it comes to matters of heart, Emily has unusual choices, to say the least. However, if you are a fan of Emily’s love life, then you will enjoy Dash & Lily. The two teens have a unique relationship where they pass a notebook full of dreams, desires, and dares. This one-season rom-com is perfect for a Christmas watch as it’s set during Christmas.


French might be new to you, but you might be familiar with Spanish thanks to “Money Heist“. The Spanish comedy-drama follows a married writer, who has marital problems, and her only coping mechanism are her friends. Although the series might sound way different from Emily in Paris, there are some similarities.

Emily’s friends are there for her in times of need, and she also has to deal with relationship issues. Moving to a new place for a job that is extremely demanding also has its fair share of troubles. Thus, Emily also tackles the same problems as Valeria.

Gilmore Girls

The early 2000s drama has become a pop-culture reference. We look at the lives of three generations of Gilmore women, with Lorelai being at the center trying to maintain a relationship with her daughter and mother. Since season 3 of Emily in Paris will take some time, you can watch seven seasons of this classic. Fun Fact: Emily is the name of Lorelai’s mother.

New Girl

New Girl is a sitcom that many fans consider as the modern “Friends”. This sitcom features on this list as the premise of New Girl is almost similar to Emily in Paris. When Jess finds her boyfriend cheating on her, she breakups with him and is forced to live with three awkward guys.

Although things don’t work out for Jess at the start, they come around in the end. Emily also has to adapt to a new living condition like Jess and make new friends. The sitcom also shares quirky characters like Emily in Paris.

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All the above-mentioned series are available to stream on Netflix.

Let us know in the comments if we missed any shows like Emily in Paris.

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