What Is The True Story Behind ‘Archive 81’ Streaming On Netflix?

What Is The True Story Behind ‘Archive 81’ Streaming On Netflix?

Long before Newton and Einstein, Greek demons like Sirens and Medusa were a way of explaining the concepts of physics. While some explained the concepts of thermodynamics, others taught us the power of echo sound. Over the years, one thing we are sure about is these mythical gods, demigods, and demons is they have made their own place in many horror thrillers. And with one such dark-mystery-horror story, Archive 81, making its splendid entry on Netflix; we can’t help but wonder if it is based on a true story or myth!

What’s hidden in the remote research facility?

A fire outbreak in the building called Visser brings fright, misery, and distress to many people. Melody Pendras films everything, but the blazing flames melt it all. LMG owner Virgil Davenport entrusts Archivist Dan Turner aka Mamoudou Athie to restore damaged videotapes. He has promised him a handsome amount of money. As Turner turns the tapes upside down at the research center and digs deeper into the life of their creator, Melody, he is introduced to the supernatural realm. What follows this is truly disturbing, horrific, and out of our imagination. Here’s the trailer to give you glimpses of this horror-evoking show.

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Melody created a documentary on her life, the Visser building, the VHS tapes, and the horror that follows. It seems like it was not long back when we read newspaper headlines filled with the era of some strange and horrendous anecdote. The purifying visuals and sounds are also add-ons to it. But is Archive 81 based on a true story?

Is Archive 81 based on a true story?

Although the tapes and camcorders, makes us feel we are right in the era of 1994; Thankfully, Archive 81 is NOT based on a true story. Conversely, it is based on a true podcast of a totally fictional story. Created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell, Archive 81 is a found footage horror podcast about ritual, stories, and sound as described in the podcast’s official website.

Discussing the inspiration behind the podcast, co-creator Powell told TV Over Mind, “I’ve worked at a sound effects library for the past two years, and one of my jobs is reviewing and listening to all the sound effects that we acquire before they go live to the site.” He continued, “I do this job from home so I’ve spent more time than anyone should alone in my apartment listening to weird noises. That experience, plus a general appreciation for found footage style of horror storytelling were a major inspiration.”

Netflix has brought this real yet not so real story to us by working explicitly on the visuals. The series may bring you horrific dreams. Let us know how do you feel after watching this masterpiece in the comment section.

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