Gentefied Season 3 Will Not Happen, Netflix Canceled The Beloved Inclusive Show- How Are Fans Reacting?

Gentefied Season 3 Will Not Happen, Netflix Canceled The Beloved Inclusive Show- How Are Fans Reacting?

The three cousins had to lose many things dear and near to their hearts throughout the two seasons of Gentefied. Now, unfortunately, they lose Gentefied Season 3—Netflix has decided not to renew the series for a season 3

Chiefly, Gentefied is a dramedy about three Mexican-American cousins Erik (Soria), Ana (Karrie Martin Lachney), and Chris (Carlos Santos). They struggle to achieve their long-desired American dream at the cost of their neighborhood, grandfather, and a shop throughout the two seasons. With a jocular setting and a whimsical sense of humor, the show was quite appealing to its fans.

Is there an explanation?

Notably, season one landed on the streaming platform in February 2020 and immediately became the most favorite. It also made its way to Netflix’s most popular series list. However, season two, released on November 2021, didn’t make it to the list. This and the costs can be the plausible reason why season 3 got canceled.

The cancellation comes two months after season two debuted; neither Netflix’s own metrics nor Nielsen’s streaming rankings showed the series breaking into the streamer’s top 10 series in the weeks after its debut,” reports The Hollywood Reporter

However, Gentefied co-creator Linda Yvette Chavez took the cancelation in stride and chose to see it positively via a tweet.

Further, in the tweet, she praised the cast and crew members, saying, “into positions they’re so often left out of — whether it was a face rarely if ever seen on screen, a director of color not often seen on set, a department head not often given the chance to lead, or a writer empowered and given their first credit. … Those seeds blossomed and reached millions around the world.” She further continued, “Don’t let anyone tell you we didn’t succeed. We blasted through a brick wall and made ourselves known. … Como los Morales.”

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Gentefied Season 3 get canceled- Fan reactions

Chavez took a positive approach to the cancelation of Gentefied season 3. However, fans on Twitter seem to be heartbroken and have expressed the same via tweets.

Notably, fans seem disappointed about Netflix‘s decision to cancel Gentefied seasons 3. What do you think of this development? Let us know in the comments below.


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