Ozark Season 4 Part One Spoilers Are Here

Ozark Season 4 Part One Spoilers Are Here

Your favorite money-laundering family is back for one last season, and the stakes are high. Technically, fans have two more parts to look forward to. Since Netflix has divided Ozark Season 4 into two parts of seven episodes each. But some fans have run out of patience waiting for the new episodes to drop. Even spoilers suffice for these fans.

If you want to beat the waiting line and are ready to explore some spoilers, then you have come to the right place. With Ozark Season 4 part one set to release on Netflix on January 21, brace yourself for some enormous blows.

The fallout after Ozark Season 3

Season 3 ended with a bang, quite literally, as Wendy (Laura Linney) arranged Ben’s (Tom Pelphrey) killing. The killing didn’t serve its purpose of smoothing the relations and a new rival emerged. Ruth (Julia Garner) has turned into a new foe for the Byrde family, as Ben’s death has broken her heart.

Ruth knows the Byrde family’s business from the inside out as she served as Marty’s associate for a long time. Much might think that Ruth won’t go to such an extreme end. But they should know that she has a motive and the means to do it, the two primary requirements for a crime.

Navarro’s big plan in Ozark season 4

Season 3 also included Navarro eliminating Helen (Janet McTeer), but the Byrde family has benefitted from it. Navarro (Felix Solis) has made some big demands to the Byrde family and doesn’t want to hear a ‘No’ for an answer. While Wendy does outright deny Navarro’s demands, the Byrde’s have to be careful not to upset him.

New characters but same old drama

Navarro has hired Javier (Alfonso Herrera), his nephew, to take the cartel to new heights. Navarro seems to have cracked the code as he plans to retire from the business and lead a peaceful life. But Javier is the key to his plan, as he would be the successor to the cartel, and Javier can be difficult to handle.

We must not forget that Ozark is a story of a crime family. So, there are going to be some troubles brewing between the family. Jonah has grown up over the course of the series and wants to prove his mettle. The Langmores also have a lot to unpack after that heavy season 3 ending.

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With the series ending in the 4th season, the story will come a full circle, and we haven’t even talked about part two. Thus, fans will have enough drama to hook them throughout the season.

Which spoiler from Ozark Season 4 affected you the most? Stream Ozark’s new season on Netflix.

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