Ozark Season 4: Only One Person to Make It Out Alive at the End?

Ozark Season 4: Only One Person to Make It Out Alive at the End?

It is almost the time for us to travel back to Missouri, as we step into the Ozark Season 4 territory. The journey so far has been enthralling, but like all good things, it was bound to meet its end. This is going to be the last season for the Netflix Original, and it gives all the more reason for fans to speculate about the events of it.

The world of Ozark is full of life-threatening circumstances, pretty much what you expect from drug cartels. Hence, fans are always worried about the well-being of their favorite characters. However, there is this one absurd theory that predicts everyone else is going to die, except one character.

Where did we leave at in Season 3?

The Byrde family went through significant troubles throughout season 3. Helen Pierce almost killed Marty and Wendy, just because she wanted to take them out of business. But we all know the Byrdes don’t give up this easily. They went on to somehow convince Omar Navarro that they still are a valuable asset for the cartel. Tapping in on their connections with the FBI, they helped Navarro win a war against another cartel.

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In the season finale, they took a much more important place in Navarro’s cartel. He killed Helen right when they stepped out of the plane, as the Byrde couple and Helen were visiting Navarro to witness his son’s baptism. That awkward hug from Navarro, while they are covered in fresh blood, sends chills to the spine.

Ozark Season 4 theory: Everyone is going to die

After watching everything that went down in the Ozark Season 3 finale, many fans believe that the same fate awaits for almost every character of the show. People on Reddit have been very clear about their support for the theory. It all began when one fan asked the readers about who they believe is going to die in Ozark Season 4. Interestingly, one reader said, “everyone.”

I think it ends like it started with everybody but one person dying. I think the survivor is Jonah,” said another post. “With how Jonah has taken an interest in the laundering process, I could see that foreshadowing the ending,” read another comment.

It is pretty hard to digest the fact that they may kill every character of the show. But then again, Netflix itself teased the Byrdes would “go out with a bang.

Do you think they will kill all the major characters in Ozark Season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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