What if Beth (Leighton Meester) From the Weekend Away and Vincent (Ed Westwick) From White Gold Dated?

What if Beth (Leighton Meester) From the Weekend Away and Vincent (Ed Westwick) From White Gold Dated?

We live in a world that is so innovative and full of possibilities that anything can happen. If Netflix can make children’s silly, quirky imaginations come true with Making Fun, we believe nothing is impossible for Netflix. And who doesn’t enjoy a good surprise? Surprises like seeing Jess from New Girl in Brooklyn Nine-Nine alongside Jake Peralta or seeing Family Guy and The Simpsons universe collide in season 13 for a couple of episodes. What if Beth from The Weekend Away and Vincent from White Gold dated, just like these unexpected yet enjoyable crossovers? What would that crossover look like? For the interested fans out there, Netflix Film Club painted a pretty decent picture.

In The Weekend Away, Leighton Meester plays Beth, a new mother who flies to England from Croatia to be with her best friend. She is a responsible person who is also a nice friend. Leighton is well known for her part in the television show Gossip Girl.

Vincent Swan in White Gold, played by Ed Westwick, is married and the father of two children. Vincent is a suave and self-assured salesperson. At home, a lively husband and father. However, with an addiction to the thrill of the pursuit, that energy can be used for bad behavior.

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What if Beth from The Weekend Away and White Gold’s Vincent dated?

First, Beth will be unaware that Vincent has been flirting with her since they met, and then, like other girls, she will be duped by his charm. They’ll start seeing each other, but Vincent will dedicate less time to her as he attends more crucial meetings and phone calls. Soon after, Beth realises she is completely unaware of a significant aspect of Vincent’s life. Vincent would have an extramarital affair because he is still married to his wife, although they are on the cusp of divorce.

Vincent will then attempt to apologise and explain to Beth that he and his wife are preparing to split and that they are only together for their children. Despite Vincent’s pleadings for forgiveness, she realises she must look after her child and cannot risk it because of Vincent. She drifts away from him, eventually disappearing from his life and memory.

As a result, we feel it will be a brief affair. It’ll be entertaining while it lasts, but short-lived. What are your thoughts? Do you think Beth and Vincent are a good match? Do you have a different story to tell? Leave a comment in the section below. And for those of you who haven’t seen Leighton Meester in her most recent thriller, The Weekend Away, what are you waiting for? Stream it now on Netflix.

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