Netflix Is Bringing a New Anime Series, Akuma Kun – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Ancient Magna Adaptation

Netflix Is Bringing a New Anime Series, Akuma Kun – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Ancient Magna Adaptation

Netflix is always pursuing new manga to adapt into anime for its anime-loving fanbase. Even though the streaming giant already has an extensive library of anime series and films, news of Netflix producing more is always around. Keeping the rumors alive, Netflix has now chosen its next manga to adapt into anime. And we can not be more impressed and excited.

Akuma Kun is the next Netflix anime

On Sunday, the most popular streaming website, Netflix, announced that it will be adapting the famous Akuma Kun manga into anime. Akuma Kun has initially been a project of Shigeru Mizuki

While announcing the new anime, Netflix released a brand new art of the main character Akuma in a tweet through its official Netflix Anime Twitter handle.

It is also revealed that the protagonist Akuma II will have the voice of actor Yuuki Kaji. Voicing  Akuma I / Shingo Umoregi and Mephisto II are Yūko Mita and Toshio Furukawarespectively.

This anime is going to be part of 4 “big projects” that will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the world-renowned mangaka Shigeru Mizuki. Mr. Mizuki passed away in 2015.

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The anime is about a boy named Akuma, who maintains the peace around the world using his demonic powers. The chief director of this project will be Aria and Sailor Moon‘s Junichi Sato. Joining him will be Romeo × Juliet’s Fumitoshi Oizaki. Overseeing the series script will be Hiroshi Ohnogi.

Not the first anime adaptation for Akuma

The first manga for Akuma Kun was published in 1963 till 1964. Mizuki made several other additions to the franchise throughout the 1970s and 1980s. The manga was first adapted into a television series in 1989 and ran till 1990. In the same period, two other films of the same manga were made. Coincidentally, Junichi Sato directed the two films and the TV series in 1989 and 1990.

Just by seeing the great cast and crew that will be putting its mind together for the series, it is safe to assume that the anime will be one of the best ones out there when it releases in 2023.

For now, since the announcement is still fresh, we do not have a trailer or sneak peek for the show. However, keep checking out our website for more Akuma Kun and anime other updates.

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