Netflix Teases Bubble With the Character Uta – Check the New Update

Netflix Teases Bubble With the Character Uta – Check the New Update

Anime fans are one of the most patient fandom in the world. As animating their favorite manga is a tiring and time-consuming process. It is almost years before fans see their desired manga getting adapted to either shows or movies. Another much-anticipated anime on Netflix is Bubble. The film is helmed by Attack On Titan director Tetsurō Araki, increasing the anticipation among AoT fans.

After getting a release date last week, fans were already excited to see what the brilliant mind of Araki has for them in Bubble. But now, with a new update for the film, fans are sure the new anime is going to be worth all the wait.

A close look at Uta

Knowing which actor or celebrity will be voicing a character in anime is always a big deal for anime lovers. In an announcement last week while launching a trailer and other vital details such as the voice for Bubble‘s main character Uta, we finally knew who will voice the character.

Studio Wit, the studio behind the film, announced that the popular singer-songwriter Riria will be voicing Uta, the main female protagonist of the film. And now, the studio has given us a fresh look at the character of Uta. The Netflix Anime Twitter account uploads the new clip.

The clip shows Uta and Hibiki (Jun Shison ). Uta is singing See you again, which is the ending theme of the song sung by the actress Riria herself. The clip is 40 seconds long and just establishes the fact that the two main leads are meant for each other as they feel the outside world is “suffocating.

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What is the Bubble on Netflix about?

In dystopian Tokyo overrun by gravity-defying bubbles, a gifted young man meets a mysterious girl on a fateful day. This is the basic premise of the film.

The Netflix film has a really great crew, with some of the best minds in their respective fields working. character design is by Takeshi Ohbata, while Hiroyuki Sawano scores the film.

The movie will be streaming on Netflix from the 28th of April before hitting the theatres.

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