‘The Weekend Away’ Star Leighton Meester Admits to Being Afraid of Horror Movies, Check What Else She Said

‘The Weekend Away’ Star Leighton Meester Admits to Being Afraid of Horror Movies, Check What Else She Said

Leighton Meester, the star of The Weekend Away is all giggly as she sits down for a chat with Netflix Film Club. The interview is a delight for the fans as the Gossip Girl alum dishes out her favorite movies and first movie crushes. 

Leighton Meester quoting Dumb and Dumber is funnier than you think

Leighton comes off as extremely genuine on the show as she admits, embarrassed that she cannot watch scary films. The starlet still can’t handle the masked killer horror movie,  Scream. She calls it “a nightmare.”

Amusingly she quotes Dumb and Dumber a lot in her life. One such quote is “You better not be foolin’.” By the end of the segment, Leighton is clearly embarrassed. 

1965’s The Sound of Music is her favorite movie and also one of her favorite soundtracks apart from My Fair Lady. If you ever get a ride from Leighton, you will be treated to Coraline’s background score the entire drive. That girl loves it so much that she plays it on loop! 

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Geoffrey Rush was her movie crush

Meester was smitten with Geoffrey Rush in the 2000’s Quills movie. She also has some good taste in movies, having introduced her husband to The Secret Garden. She also recommended The Alpinist to her friends. As it turns out Blair Waldorf was not so cold-hearted as The Age of Innocence makes her heart heavy. Surprisingly, the star has not seen Casablanca. And did you know she starred in the remake of Single White Female at 25? Yeah, that was one of her most uncomfortable watches with her dad.

Meester’s latest venture is a dark thriller The Weekend Away

Blair Waldorf is going to be back on our screen but as Beth from The Weekend Away. The compelling thriller is based on a novel of the same name. Two best friends Kate and Beth (Batwoman’s Christina Wolfe) planned a weekend getaway together to Croatia. It was supposed to be a nice break from their daily mundane lives until Kate turns up dead. Time is ticking for Beth to find out the real killer and clear her name. 

So who killed Beth? We won’t know until the flick drops on March 3

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