What Are the Best Ukrainian Movies Available on Netflix?

What Are the Best Ukrainian Movies Available on Netflix?

The situation in Ukraine is volatile currently, but the country has a fascinating history. Directors and storytellers have used the country’s past to spin stories that would engage and educate the viewers. Here is a list of the best Ukrainian movies that are available to stream on Netflix.

Winter on Fire 

The 2015 documentary film is a first-hand look at the student protest and the unrest that followed. A peaceful demonstration turned into a civil rights movement. The film explores the reason behind the violent revolution. The Evgeny Afineevsky directed documentary flick first premiered at the 72nd International film festival.  


Directed by Alexander Dovzhenko, Earth is often considered to be his best work and the best movie of the soviet era to date. The movie sheds a light on the collectivization policy which was undertaken under Stalin’s rule. It shows the conflict between Kulaks and peasants that work on a collective farm. Kulaks were landowning wealthy peasants who used to own nearly 8 acres of land. After Stalin’s ascension things changed drastically for them. 

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The Saratov Approach 

Garrett Batty served as a writer and a director for this 2013 thriller. The movie depicts the true story of the kidnappings of two Mormon missionaries, Andrew Propst and Travis Scott in Saratov, 1998.  In spite of the missionaries’ life at stake, the LDS church refused to pay for it.  

Legacy of Lies 

Legacy of Lies is the most recent Ukrainian movie on Netflix, having been released in 2020. Starring Scott Adkins of The Expandables 2 fame, the movie is a Spy thriller. Ukraine with its Soviet past makes for a great setting for espionage movies. Adrian Bol’s movie is about an MI6 agent who quits his job after a botched-up mission. He again thrust back into the world he left to uncover some shocking secrets about a secret agency. 

Home Games 

Home Games is an inspiring documentary about a poor young girl whose talent in sports saves her from crippling poverty.  Born and raised in the poorer side of Kyiv, Alina Shilova, 20, shows exceptional talent in football. Thus she comes to the attention of the authorities who consider her for the national football team.

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