Watch Joe Keery and Dacre Montgomery Talking Dirty About Gloves and How Is Lucas Involved

Watch Joe Keery and Dacre Montgomery Talking Dirty About Gloves and How Is Lucas Involved

We all love the bromance between Dustin and Stever on screen. But the underrated bromance between Joe Keery and Dacre Montgomery needs a shoutout too! 

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 premiered on July 1 to much fanfare. After the events of Volume 1, and gazillion theories later, fans finally got their answers. Although not all the answers, some of them. The Duffer brothers have still kept some of the things unexplained which we are hoping gets clarified in season 5. Moreover, season 5 is the final season of the Netflix show. 

Joe Keery and Dacre Montgomery acting like 12-year-olds win hearts 

In this old video, the cast was reviewing 80s fashion fads. They were given a pair of arm gloves which were all the rage back then. However, for the boys, it looked like it wasn’t meant for the arms. Joe Keery, who plays the Steve-iconic-hair, acts innocent at first but loses his act when Dacre (Billy) pulls out a bigger arm glove. They end up snickering the whole video after making dirty jokes. 

The old video has caught the attention of the fans recently, and fans are making jokes that it’s the arm gloves that Erica found under Lucas’s bed. In the new season, Lucas tries to hide things from Erica. But the Smartypants blackmails her brother to spill everything otherwise she’ll tell everything she found under his bed to their parents. Obviously, that gets him talking. 

Dacre exited the show in season 3 when Billy sacrificed himself. However, he does appear in Stranger Things season 4, as a memory. Whereas Steve continues his bravado and babysitting duties in the current season as well.

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What happens in Volume 2?

Eleven got back her powers and piggybacked through Max’s memories to have an epic showdown with Vecna. Max died but Eleven brought her back to life, although she’s now brain dead. Eddie is also dead, but Vecna is still alive. He succeeded in opening four gates and we see The Upside Down leaking into Hawkins. 

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