Sadie Sink Reveals Who’s The Coolest Kid Ever From The Stranger Things Cast

Sadie Sink Reveals Who’s The Coolest Kid Ever From The Stranger Things Cast

Sadie Sink has come a long way after she was first seen in season 2 portraying the character of Mad Max, an estranged kid who loves to skate. With time viewers get to know that the reason behind Max’s passiveness is her stepbrother Billy who constantly bullies and threatens her. Despite being an emotionally distant character, fans quickly connected with the fears and insecurities that were eating Max from inside.

And she became one of the favorite characters among the star cast of the Stranger Things. Recently invited to the Teen Vogue set to share some of her secrets and interests with her fans. Let’s see what exciting things Sadie Sink has shared that might make you fall in love with her once again. 

Who was the first person to extend a hand of friendship toward Sadie Sink in Stranger Things?

In a recent video posted by Teen Vogue on YouTube, we saw Sadie Sink playing the “when was the last time you did something for the first time” kind of game. Where she revealed many things about herself and what she loves to do in her free time. Teen Vogue asked her questions like the FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING STRANGER THINGS. Sadie replied that she was very nervous on the first day because Stranger Things was a big cast with an enormous set. And her first scene was Halloween night when she jumps out of the bushes wearing her Michael Myers to scare the kids. 

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Moreover, continuing the conversation they asked Sadie about her FIRST FRIEND ON SET of Stranger Things season 2. Because she entered the show when all the other kids had already met each other and became close friends. However, she never felt alienated even in her onset days as Finn Wolfhard always made her feel comfortable. All the boys were so fun and chilled out while they helped her get through the starting point. 

“Finn Wolfhard is the coolest kid ever” replied Sadie Sink on Teen Vogue’s set because he was always the one pumping energy around people and cracking jokes with her. 

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Although it was not entirely an overwhelming experience for Sadie. Because she already knew Gaten and Caleb from the broadway she did a few years back. Therefore, she really had a great time with the cast members as their motivation and friendship helped her in bringing Max Mayfield the right way. The deathbed of Stranger Things volume 2 is already here at Netflix. Don’t leave your seats the massacre is coming home! 

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