WATCH: Best Scenes Of Julia Garner From ‘Inventing Anna’ On Netflix

WATCH:  Best Scenes Of Julia Garner From ‘Inventing Anna’ On Netflix

Shonda Rhimes played her cards right when she cast Julia Garner for the titular role of Anna Sorokin. The actress gave a phenomenal performance in Inventing Anna despite receiving poor ratings. Some think the story could be crispier with less number of episodes, while others enjoyed the ride. Even though the opinions are divided, you cannot discount Julia Garner’s acting chops. 

Julia Garner plays Anna Sorokin or best known as Anna Delvey in the series. The convicted scammer conned her way into the New York Elite and committed several financial frauds while posing as a rich German heiress. The 9 part series is quite an arresting watch. 

Best Julia Garner scenes from Inventing Anna

Chase confronts her about her identity 

Anna’s boyfriend, Chase, confronts her about her identity. Angry, she refuses to answer Chase’s question. Chase wasn’t ready to let go of the conversation, so she yells at him about working to build something really big for the artists. 

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Pays money to the driver to shut up 

Anna is running low on her patience, but the cab driver is happily vibing to the radio. Irritated, Anna hands over a few dollars bills to the driver and tells him to shut up, snarkily. Anna knows money is how you get what you want. 

Anna’s friends caught her lying 

A news outlet reports that a Swedish Photography organization bought the entire 281 Park Avenue South, also Anna’s home. To dodge questions from her friends, a fired-up Anna once again plays the working my a** off card. 

Sending Chase on a guilt trip 

Anna is a master of manipulation. Crying, she calls Chase and guilts him into leaving her alone in her time of need. 

Business dinners are just boys playground 

An exasperated Anna tells her friend that men expect to get sexual favors from women for just offering them a deal. Men don’t take women entrepreneurs seriously. 

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Fuming Anna still wants new clothes 

Todd ends up ruining the trial and a fuming Anna lets her displeasure known. She wants new clothes to stand before the judge because clearly, she wants to look rich.

Sick Anna is even more sarcastic 

Lying in a hospital bed doesn’t diminish Anna’s sarcasm. She doesn’t give one straightforward answer to the doctor. 

Tears-the classic weapon of manipulation

At Rikers, Anna acts distressed and makes Vivian promise that she’ll come to visit her. 


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