39 K-Drama: Jeon Mi Do Share Many Similarities With Her Character Jeong Chan Young, Check Here

39 K-Drama: Jeon Mi Do Share Many Similarities With Her Character Jeong Chan Young, Check Here

Jeon Mi Do is a big name in the theater circuit but she may look familiar to K-drama lovers because she is. She has been on the hit drama Hospital Playlist before, playing an off-key singer. The star is to make her return to the small screen in K-drama 39. With only one episode, the buzz around the show has already begun, partly due to her co-star, Son Ye Jin. Korea’s favorite melodrama queen surprised her fans with two big news this year-her latest project and her engagement with former Crash Landing on You co-star Hyun Bin. Kim-Ji-Hyun will also be starring as Jang Jo Hee.

With a lot of female-centric shows getting a lot of traction this year, 39 is yet another addition to the growing list of shows about woman friendship. The trio meets in high school and forms an unbreakable bond. Now, these women are entering their 40s and have to be each other’s emotional support if they want to power through the middle age crisis. 

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Jeon Mi Do is a theater trained actress

Mi Do’s character in drama 39, Jung Chan Young is an acting teacher who aspires to become an actress. Although the actress has not been on TV much and is relatively new to the scene, she has a huge body of work working in various theatrical productions. Working for 15 years in the industry, she is practically a veteran. Fans and critics often cite Sweeney Todd and Maybe Happy Ending as one of her best works to date. She has been recognized by the Korean film fraternity which bestowed her with a 2022 Korea First Brand Awards. She is also a Baeksang Nominated actress which is basically equal to Oscars in Korean. Her acting prowess definitely makes her the right choice for the role. 

The 39-drama actress is the same age as her character

Chan Young is 39, and the actress playing her is also 39 having been born in 1982. Playing a same-aged character won’t prove to be too demanding for the theater queen. Others may think she deliberately chose an easy role, but we’ll have to see how the story unfolds to see whether Mi Do who usually enjoys playing challenging roles decided to take it easy or not.  

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