“They Know That We Know That They Know,” but Do You Know What’s Fresh and New in the Space Force Season 2?

“They Know That We Know That They Know,” but Do You Know What’s Fresh and New in the Space Force Season 2?

Who doesn’t miss Steve Carell as the lovable yet incompetent boss – Michael Scott? So when Netflix announced that they were bringing back Greg Daniels(creator of Office) and Steve Carell for a Political satire about the Trumpian government, it all seemed too good to be true. However, the first season of Space Force on Netflix revived a lukewarm reaction, but now they are back with a new season, and it seems that all is not lost!

Space Force Season 2 initial reaction

One of the biggest concerns that critics and audience had with Season 1 was its weak jokes that did not connect with the audience and many subplot character relationships that made the viewers feel lost.

So when the first season ended on a bang(literally), audiences were sure that the new season would consider what the creators did wrong with the first season and give them a much improved new season. It seems that the wish has come true. With the new season airing for just a few hours, the show receives mixed reviews from people and critics. But at least they did not repeat their mistakes. The initial reaction on Twitter has been like this:

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While this has been the reaction of fans. Meanwhile, the critics are saying,

The good news is that Space Force does seem to have undergone a much-needed course correction, leading to a more consistent and coherent series. The extraneous satire and off-base subplots have been jettisoned in favor of a greater focus on the central cast of characters, which in turn has allowed Space Force to reveal itself as the more streamlined and sincere workplace comedy it always seemed to have the potential to become.” was said by The Hollywood Reporters Angie Han.

While Gamerant calls it a “Season For Fans.”

Should you give it a try?

We feel that season 2 serves a second chance as the show really improves and makes up for what it was lacking in the first season. However, it is not perfect and perhaps not for everyone, but it will make you laugh and reminisce on the good old days of The Office.

The show is available on Netflix for streaming. Let us know about your favorite moments from the newest season in the comments below.


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