The Witcher Season 3 to Add New Characters That May Roam the Lands of the Continent

The Witcher Season 3 to Add New Characters That May Roam the Lands of the Continent

Every day we wake up is a waste of life, unless there is some fresh news or update about Netflix’s The Witcher. Even though there have been only two seasons of the show, we already feel we have lived among the citizens of The Continent for decades. And that is because of how memorable and amazing characters are in the creation. The Witcher season 3 will, of course, bring in more fresh faces, who will tell their own tales.

Andrzej Sapkowski has created a whole different world in his works, which is the primary source of the show. And then we also have the games from CD Projekt RED. The games gave us the first-ever look at the beings of The Witcher universe. We are in for a few epic years of adventure and beautiful characters.

The Witcher season 3: New characters we may see soon

Based upon both the sources, The Illuminerdi predicted 10 characters that they feel might appear in The Witcher season 3. Let’s see who are they all:

Picadilly: Described as “a man who is second in line to the throne but seems more prone to a player lifestyle than to a political one. Though he gives off a carefree air, underneath it all, he’s rather shrewd at strategy and impassive to boot.

Marylebone: Described as someonewho possesses not only a razor-sharp wit but a quick blade as well. Her age belies her experience, for she has been forced to mature quickly and learn to survive in a cruel world.

Greenwich:A brave and loyal soldier, portrayed by an actor in his 20s, who feels his fervor fade slightly when he realizes his comrades are not as committed as he is.

Parsons: A teenage girl convinced she is someone else in order to become a political pawn.

Hampstead: Described as “a middle-aged married woman trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who is more like her child than her husband. Though she inhabits courtly life, her opinions more often than not fall on deaf ears.”

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More character predictions for the show

Other characters predicted to be part of the show in the upcoming season include:

Victoria: Described as “a gorgeous free spirit who is hot-blooded but kind-hearted.

Euston: Described as “a ladies’ maid, played by an actress in her 20s, whose shy and timid appearance is hiding a lethal wildcard ready to put the hurt on those who stand in her way.

Maida Vale: Described as “plus-sized and powerful, she is a member of a particular group of women you don’t want to cross. Vivacious and self-confident, she’s sure to be a match for anyone she meets in The Witcher.”

Angel:A royal messenger, played by someone who will need to know his way around a horse. This middle-aged gentleman was tired of his life and the horrors he’d witnessed on the job; until he heard something that revolutionized his outlook from that moment on.

Richmond: Described as “a musician who sells instruments for a living and is done with customers thinking they can walk all over her.

While we await The Witcher season 3, we can certainly look into the source material and learn more about the witcher lore. Tell us who is your favorite character from the Netflix show in the comments below.

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