Was Jake From ‘State Farm’ in Tall Girl 2? What Did You Miss?

Was Jake From ‘State Farm’ in Tall Girl 2? What Did You Miss?

It is hard to miss State Farm’s most famous face, Jake, but it seems that most viewers have indeed missed the most surprising cameo in Tall Girl 2. Tall Girl is a sequel to 2019 Tall Girl that follows the tallest girl in Ruby Ridges High who is insecure about her height. The sequel takes the story forward as Jodi Kreyman, played by Ava Michelle, has now bagged the leading role in the high school’s musical production. She is far more confident than she used to be and has even found a boyfriend in Jack, Dunkleman, played by Griffin Gluck. 

More about Jodi and Jake

Tall Girl 2 isn’t known for surprises but fans were flustered to see State Farm’s favorite boy in one of the scenes at the beginning of the flick. To celebrate Jodi’s successful audition for the musical event, Jack wanted to treat Jodi to some ice creams. At the ice cream stand, while waiting in line for their turn they started a conversation with the couple behind them. The man in question who was being snarky to Jodi, asking her questions about her height, was Kevin Miles. Kevin is the infamous Jake from State Farm; the 2020 version of Jake. Apart from that, he has also been a part of several projects in the past like S.W.A.T and Criminal Minds. Although his roles were minor. 

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Who is Jake from State Farm? 

Jake is a character that was first introduced to the public in State Farm’s advertisement campaigns. The ad shows Jake working with a client to process his insurance claim at 3 am. The man’s wife, thinking that he caught her man cheating, demanded that Jake mention what he was wearing. The following reply, “Uh, khakis” resulted in numerous memes and catapulted the character to fame. The original character was played by Jake Stone, who was an insurance agent at State Farm! 

In 2020, State Farm’s marketing team wanted to revive the character and Kevin Miles came onboard. The Farm re-debuted the character in 2020’s Super Bowl ad.

Directed by Emily Ting, Tall Girl 2 received a lukewarm response from the audience. It has a Tomatometer score of 50%. You can catch Jake from State Farm here!

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