Using Wikipedia as Your Source of Information? Henry Cavill Disapproves

Using Wikipedia as Your Source of Information? Henry Cavill Disapproves

British actor Henry Cavill is a man of many talents. Over the years, the man has built both a name and body that make him perfect for any action movie. If there is one man that the entire Hollywood industry is whipped for, it is Cavill. The actor is known for the conviction and perfection with which he plays each of his characters. More often than not, these roles require him to be focusing on his body. With his six-pack abs and broad shoulders, Henry Cavill does not seem like much of a reader.

Well, the idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover” could not be truer in this case because Henry is a certified nerd.  A testament to this fact is when Cavill was asked to recommend science fiction books by a BBC journalist and the actor had many recommendations. From the classic sci-fi books such as Tolkien to the hidden gems such as The Wheel of Time, the actor knew it all. So imagine his shock when a reporter credited Wikipedia as a source of information.

Henry Cavill corrected a reporter

In 2011, Henry Cavill was the talk of the town for his role as Superman and also in Immortals. When an IGN reporter inquired how playing a Demigod in Immortals shaped him up for his role in Superman. The actor politely corrected him saying “Theseus isn’t a Demigod.” But it is when the reporter said “that’s what it says on Wikipedia” did Henry have to take pause.

The pure shock on his face when he heard that the reporter depended on Wikipedia for his information was priceless. The reason is that any information on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any given time. Therefore, while Wikipedia may be useful, it is definitely not reliable.

The actor has been known to correct people because he is so well versed in almost everything. And this priceless moment was caught on camera. No wonder his Man of Steel co-star finds him distracting and cute.

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Do you use Wikipedia as your source of information? What do you think of Cavill’s stand on the issue? We await your thoughts in the comment section.

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