Debut Actor Dua Lipa Spoke About How She Felt While Filming ‘Argylle,’ Starring Henry Cavill

Debut Actor Dua Lipa Spoke About How She Felt While Filming ‘Argylle,’ Starring Henry Cavill

Being an all-rounder might be an easy job for some. However, many find it a bit off the track to tackle. For instance, singers can nail the chords, and movie actors can put the screen on fire, but it can’t be vice versa. Similar was the situation with Pop artist Dua Lipa when the star made her debut against Hollywood A-lister Henry Cavill.

We all thought Dua Lipa would have become accustomed to cameras, given a whole lot of albums and recordings that the star has shot. But facing greater challenges, she opened up about how playing for the camera and playing for the audience are two different things.

What was it like for Dua Lipa to act along with Henry Cavill?

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Dua Lipa addressed how she felt while filming the movie Argylle with Cavill. She pointed out that when a singer is performing on stage, their actions are not as constricted as an actor trying to forget himself and get into a whole new character. “In a music video, you really play to the camera, whereas in a film, you have to forget the camera and get into character,” said the artist.


The Grammy-winner performer also said it was a whole new experience for her. Everyone around her considered it to be a similar task as that to filming a music video. “But it’s not at all,” said Dua. However, it is still unknown what role the singer will play in the Argylle. But of course, the British superstar, Henry Cavill, plays the titular lead of the movie.

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It is yet understandable for the newbie to get nervous alongside one of the greatest actors of all time. We are sure that Dua is going to be the scene stealer, irrespective of her initial hardships. Both of them are expected to reinvent the spy genre, as is the book the movie is adapted from.

The first looks were released on YouTube, and the stars looked fabulous. We really wish the duo all the best for their forthcoming project.

Stay tuned for more.

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