How Henry Cavill Was A Walking Distraction for Amy Adams On The Sets of ‘Man of Steel’

How Henry Cavill Was A Walking Distraction for Amy Adams On The Sets of ‘Man of Steel’

Who would not like to be surprised when acting alongside the hunkiest man of Hollywood, Henry Cavill? Even co-star Amy Adams was not exempted from such an experience as she spoke about her days of filming. The movie was terrific. Henry Cavill as Clark did a marvelous job and captured Superman’s right emotions. According to Amy, the Man of Steel actor was really the nicest co-star to work with and has so many other qualities, including being cute, that she used to forget her role.

Reportedly, she was surprised by the unique physical presence that Cavill brings into the highly-coveted role. Amy could not help but get all mushy on Henry. Let us see what the actress had to say about The Witcher star.

Amy Adams spills the beans about how distracting it was to act against Greek Prince, Henry Cavill

According to Access Hollywood, Amy Adams confessed about co-star Henry’s body and physique coming in between their scenes. “It’s a little distracting at first. It’s like, wow, you’re really good-looking,” said the star. Amy played the leading role of Louis Lane against Henry Cavill in the movie.

In another interview, the host asked Amy Adams about working with Henry Cavill, who is such a ridiculously good-looking human being. Answering which, the leading actress said, “It’s awful, it’s too bad about his face.” According to her, Henry would’ve issued a restraining order because she kept talking about his good looks. She found it challenging to look at his eyes for five minutes and not giggle, leave alone shoot with him.

All in all, everything that Adams stated about Henry Cavill is undoubtedly true. He is one of the most favorable actors to work with, something many of his co-stars feels.

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What do you guys think about Amy Adams and Henry Cavill’s on-screen chemistry? Did you guys like it? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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