UK Should Watch It’s Back, You Season 4 Is Now Filming in London – Joe Goldberg Spotted With a Beard

UK Should Watch It’s Back, You Season 4 Is Now Filming in London – Joe Goldberg Spotted With a Beard

The third season of the stalker drama was released last year in October 2021, and well even before it aired Netflix greenlit You season 4. Well, Netflix saved the fans from doubts about the next season and is also now giving them plenty of updates about the whereabouts of their favorite anti-hero. The streamer’s latest Twitter update sees Joe sitting beside a stack of books on a chair in the middle of a street in the UK. Although the finale ended with Joe in Paris, it looks like the creators of the show decided to relocate from Paris to Great Britain instead. 

It is likely that Joe got a job at a bookstore in Great Britain. The books lying on the chair beside him are all British classics from William Makepeace Thackeray, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Charles Dickens!

What to expect from You Season 4?

Joe Goldberg got married to Love Quinn-Goldberg last season. He also had a son, Henry with her. But their relationship didn’t end well with Joe killing his wife, although to be fair, it was self-defense. He set their North California house on fire to kill her and made it look like suicide. For his baby, he dropped him off at his co-worker Dante’s house. It was a good decision for Henry since Joe wasn’t good enough to be a father and Dante and his boyfriend were thinking of adopting a child anyway. Next, we see him wandering the streets of Paris looking for Marienne. The new season will take the story forward from here. We might see Marienne more, but we will see plenty of new faces who might be dead by the finale.

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Who are the new faces joining the cast?

Lukas Gage, Charlotte Richie, Tilly Keeper, Amy Leigh Hickman, and Ed Speelers are the new additions to the show. Amongst them, Keeper’s Lady Phoebe, a socialite, and Hickman’s Nadia, a literature student, and aspiring novelist are likely to die. Joe hates socialites and well he murdered Beck in the past! 

When will You season 4 release?

Netflix hasn’t set a premiere date for You season 4 yet. The stalker drama has just begun filming, so it’ll be some time before it hits the platform. You can expect the millennial Jack Ripper to arrive by 2023.

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