‘Virgin River’ Season 5 to Begin Filming Soon While Season 4 Is Around The Corner

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 to Begin Filming Soon While Season 4 Is Around The Corner

Who would not want to make a beautiful town like the Virgin River of California their home? There is no denying that the feel-good show has become a home for many. But, while most of us finely absorbed ourselves into the show, its main character, Mel, struggled a lot to acclimatize there. There were far more dramas, tragedies, and a beautiful romance that welcomed her into the town. Sadly, ever since July 2021, we have had no news about what’s going on in her life. Well, the wait is now over. After season 4, we have got a few hints on Virgin River season 5.

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Virgin River season 5 filming is around the corner

Debuting in 2019, the comfort show was adapted from the books of Robin Carr of the same name. With three seasons so far, Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson. Being a top performer on Netflix, and gaining such a huge reception, Netflix announced seasons 4 and 5 of the show.

And we are happy to share that season 4 has already wrapped its filming and will make its grand debut anytime in 2022. However, no teaser trailer or release date is announced yet. Yes, we will have to hold our horses a little more (sobs in the corner).

But on a pleasant note, the production house will pick up the filming of Virgin River Season 5 in July. Hurray, no more delays! Also, a period of 5 months is expected to conclude the course. Hence, according to the sources, if everything goes well, they will wrap up the filming around the end of November 2022. This suggests that we can get the fifth season just in time for the New Year. However, considering the factors such as script changes, casting, and more, the release date may fluctuate from the expected timing.

Is there a trailer?

No! We know little about the fifth season of our beloved show. However, we do know that Sue Tenney is expected to continue the production duties. Further, you can also expect to be in the same place in season 5, that is, the beautiful town of the Virgin River. Here’s the trailer of Virgin River season 3

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The wait is now over. Netflix is pacing up the production process of our beloved series. However, if you haven’t watched the first three seasons of Virgin Riverwe strongly advise you to leave everything and binge through the total of 30 episodes (till now) of this alluring drama. And if you have, what’s your favorite part of the show? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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