Martin Henderson, Who Plays Jack Sheridan In ‘Virgin River’ Shared An Update From Season 4- When To Expect The Release?

Martin Henderson, Who Plays Jack Sheridan In ‘Virgin River’ Shared An Update From Season 4- When To Expect The Release?

A melodramatic romance with intimacy like no other? Check. A picturesque town with welcoming people? Check. A show with lots of twists and turns and even a little action? Check. Virgin River is perhaps the show you would want to binge with your beloved after or while having a romantic candlelight dinner. And as Netflix announced season 4 of Virgin River, we have this recurring thought when it will finally give us that comfy warm feeling again.

Just in case if you didn’t know, Virgin River is a beautiful romance novel series by Robyn Carr and finely put together into a series by Sue Tenney. This romantic drama follows Melinda ”Mel” Monroe, a sage-femme and nurse who shifts to California’s small town, Virgin River. There she hopes to forget her old life, which includes the tragic death of her husband and start afresh. Instead, a whole new set of twists and a romance like no other awaits her.

When is Virgin River season 4 coming to Netflix?

Netflix premiered the very first season of this bittersweet romantic drama on December 6, 2019. The second season made its debut on November 27, 2020, with 10 episodes. Further, this warm-hug aesthetic brought its third season to our screens through the streaming service on 9 July 2021. The third season also had ten episodes.

Moreover, Netflix has proclaimed that the next two seasons are into its making, and now it seems like it will bring the cozy romance back in the warmth of summer, 2022. And Martin Henderson might have teased something about it.

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Did Jack Sheridan already tease he is not the father of the twins? Or is he?

With the season three ending, Virgin River left us with many lingering questions and doubts. The most anticipated ones among them were: Is Mel pregnant with Jack’s child? Or, Is Catherine pregnant with Jack’s children? It sounds confusing, right? Yes! And we were merely waiting to find the answers in the fourth season.

Recently, actor Martin Henderson shared a post in which we see him recording a voice-over with Mel in the background.

Unfortunately, he didn’t answer the most awaited questions and we will have to wait for the upcoming season. But the good thing is he indirectly updated us that season 4 will be back anytime soon, maybe even before summer. Since the post, fans have gone in the state of euphoria and are already set to watch the new season, as we can predict from the countless comments.

Hence, brush up your memory of the last three seasons of Virgin River by streaming it today, and get ready for a brand new season that will fill your soul with a serotonin booze. Moreover, let us know in the comment section, what are your thoughts on the upcoming season of this melodramatic romance.

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