Twitter Bursts into Hilarious Reactions, As Ed Sheeran Announces His New Album – (Subtract)

Twitter Bursts into Hilarious Reactions, As Ed Sheeran Announces His New Album – (Subtract)

Artists often get applauded for their creativity, or they get trolled. Ed Sheeran fell into the second category over his latest album. The singer had been through quite a few personal issues in the last couple of years, the pain of which will be heard through this album. But while the songs may be touching, the album names have had fans rolling in laughter.

The singer recently announced the name of his album which is – (Subtract). It is produced by Aaron Dessner and will be released via Atlantic. The album is set to release on the 5th and PopBase took to Twitter to announce the name along with the album cover. But for Twitterati, it became meme material as they couldn’t get over the new name.

Sheeran is already infamous for having mathematics-themed album names. His debut album was + in 2011. This was followed by albums × and ÷ in 2014 and 2017, respectively. The last such album was =, released in 2021. But considering the upcoming album’s name, it could be the final piece of the puzzle, ending his streak of such titles. The only album that was different from this pattern in between was No.6 Collaborations Project.

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Most of his fans are excited in anticipation of the album. But some could not help but leave hilarious comments upon seeing the rather unique name.

Fans could not hold back over the next album by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is certainly one of the most long-running favorite artists amongst music fans of all ages. But considering his past album names, fans wonder if this could be the end of his career. One commentator joked about how the singer is running out of the BODMAS pattern, and will soon have no name for his album. But another one already has a suggestion for the next album and it’s the square root sign. Meanwhile, yet another comment wondered if the signer was exploring physics and chemistry signs now.

A fan claimed that the cover of =(equal) was a sore eye but that of -(subtract) seems to be the best among all albums so far.

Meanwhile, the album, which will release in a few days, is said to showcase the artist’s real self and the things that he has gone through so far. Sheeran lost his best friend in a heart attack and realized that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, was diagnosed with a tumor. Therefore, the album will probably have songs that will pierce the listener’s hearts.

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What do you think of his album’s name? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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