Pop Icon Adele and Ed Sheeran Hold Back Palace’s Invite to Perform at King Charles Coronation

Pop Icon Adele and Ed Sheeran Hold Back Palace’s Invite to Perform at King Charles Coronation

With the Coronation getting closer with each passing day, preparations for the same are in full bloom. King Charles III is making sure that he organizes the event of his life with all pomp and show; however, sadly, his celebrity associates might have just disappointed him to his core. While earlier reports suggested that Hollywood bigwig, Tom Cruise expressed his plans to attend the coronation by calling off his film production for a while, two other legitimate Pop Icon, Adele and Ed Sheeran have left the Monarch miffed

As the entire world would be watching the historical event unfold on the 6th May, 2023, King Charles reportedly wished to have a couple of top-tier music icons gracing his event. In light of the same, he had reportedly invited English singer-songwriter, Adele, and world-renowned Ed Sheeran to perform at the royal ceremony. “He was very keen that they were part of the concert,” reads the report. 

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However, the same also suggests that both icons have given a massive blow to King by declining his invitation to the crowning ceremony. Daily Mail claimed a day before that both of them have put down the invitation owing to their prefixed work obligations clashing with the Coronation dates. 

Ed Sheeran and Adele have put down invitation from King Charles for work commitments 

The ‘Shape of You’ star has a pre-scheduled show in Texas just the day prior to the Coronation. Thus making his nine-hour journey from Texas to the Windsors might be a tough call for the star, nonetheless, insiders believe there are slight chances that he will make it. 

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It is also to note, that the presence of the British titan is highly anticipated as he had also closed the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with his alluring song ‘Perfect’. The same was chosen as a tribute to his late husband, The Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. Thus, Sheeran already has a hang of things. 

Adele, on the other hand, has no such official obligations on the same day but she reportedly does not want to hold any show after her March concert in Las Vegas. Although the outlet claims that Buckingham has still got some interesting options to save the day, nothing is confirmed as of now.

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