Throwback to the Time When Jim Went Ahead to Wish Jimin in Ryan Reynolds’ Style and It Was Hilarious

Throwback to the Time When Jim Went Ahead to Wish Jimin in Ryan Reynolds’ Style and It Was Hilarious

Ryan Reynolds is one of the leading men in Hollywood today. The Deadpool star is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry and every director wants to work with him. While his work speaks for itself, one of the things the actor is known for is his comic timing and hilarious nature. The actor never fails to make us laugh with his pranks and trolls. Furthermore, time and again Reynolds takes hilarious digs at various other celebrities.

The fun side of Ryan Reynolds knows no bounds. From his interviews to his movies, Ryan’s sense of humor is always visible. Ryan does not spare anyone from his pranks as the actor even trolls his wife Blake Lively on social media. Just like many of us who love Ryan’s hilarious nature, the BTS star Jin even took a page from Ryan Reynolds’s book.

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How Ryan Reynolds influenced Jin in a peculiar manner

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are undeniably one of the most wholesome couples in Hollywood. Time and again, the Canadian actor trolls his wife on social media. Previously, the Merc with a Mouth star wished his wife Blake Lively in a hilarious manner. Reynolds posted a picture with A Simple Favour actress and severely cropped her out of the photo. Interestingly, even the BTS star Jin wished his fellow bandmate Jimin in Ryan Reynolds style.

Previously, Jimin celebrated his 27th birthday and Jin wished his bandmate in the same way as Reynolds. The Korean star posted a picture of his bandmate and cropped out Jimin’s face from the photo. The photo became immensely popular as it reminded the fans of Reynolds’s birthday post for Lively.

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Jin to serve in the military

As we all know, that Jin is the oldest member of BTS. And the BTS star will be serving the Korean military on December 13. 9 days after his birthday Jin will begin his five weeks of training.

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