Stranger Things’ Will Byers, Noah Schnapp Sported a Freaky Outfit in Adam Sandler Starrer Horror Comedy

Stranger Things’ Will Byers, Noah Schnapp Sported a Freaky Outfit in Adam Sandler Starrer Horror Comedy

Apart from Eleven, if there is a single character who has been most detrimental to the tone of Stranger Things and its narrative has to be Will Byers. Will’s unfortunate stay in the Upside Down and connection with it has played a crucial role for the gang to fight against the evil. And Noah Schnapp is simply extraordinary in his portrayal of the character.

His acting in all four seasons has never been questioned, unlike some of his castmates’. And even though it is hard to imagine Noah Schnapp as anyone except Will. The 17-year-old actor does have a variety of films to his name. Including a horror comedy with the great Adam Sandler in which his costume is amazing.

Noah Schnapp and his spooky costume in…

Noah has the innate ability to jump between scare and bravery, which he portrays so well in Stranger Things. His ability to be courageous and frightened also landed him the role of Tommy in 2020’s Netflix Original Hubie Halloween.

In the movie, Tommy is Violet’s (Bowen) foster son. And for a good part of the film, we see Noah dress up in his Halloween costume and paint his face. For the costume of his choice. Tommy dresses up as the original Tin Man from the 1939s The Wizard of Oz.

Noah’s costume does have a slight modification from the originals. Instead of painting his whole face in silver, Tommy has a Ziggy Stardustesque bolt on his face.

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Even though Noah doesn’t have a huge role in the film his performance stands at par with other huge names that star in the film. Alongside Noah and Adam, we see Peyton List from Cobra KaiRay Liotta, and Kevin James among all the other Sandler movie staples.

What is Hubie Halloween about?

In the film, Hubie isn’t exactly well-liked in Salem, where he grew up. But the good-hearted scaredy-cat battles to keep his village safe when Halloween gets too spooky.

If you guys are a fan of Will Byers you will surely love to see Noah Schnapp in a lightly different character and hairstyle in the film. Do give it a watch.

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