Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Directorial Debut With a Short Film Shot on a Smartphone

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Directorial Debut With a Short Film Shot on a Smartphone

Stranger Things has an amazing young cast who have showcased their talents time and again. But Millie Bobby Brown has to be the most talented out of the lot. We all have seen and fallen in love with her acting abilities and the wide range of accents she does. But a talent that Millie had not portrayed yet was of telling stories.

She has been part of some great films and shows, but she never herself had sat in a director’s chair. But that all changes now. Millie has directed, acted, and given a voice-over in a short film for Samsung. Let us take a look at what this film is all about.

A new short film by Millie Bobby Brown

Millie made her first short film, which she also stars in, in collaboration with Samsung. Her brother Charlie, who worked as director of photography for the film, also worked on the short. The film illustrates a little child emerging into her own and tapping into resilience, set to the voiceover narration of an original poem written and delivered by Millie.

We see how a little Millie (played by Honey) interacts with the elder Millie, who provides protection and encouragement. Millie inspires her inner child — and offers a universal message of courage, development, and self-discovery — via her strong and emotional poems and an astonishing aerial silk act.

While talking about her film and the themes, it deals with. Bobby said that she wanted to show how she was before all the fame and stardom and how she has grown over the years.

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She said she wanted to “show what I was like before my fame and how I’ve got her, as well as who I am now.”

As the film deals with Millie’s younger self. She said she wanted to ger her younger self the advice that “Understand that the only person you can hold on to is yourself, and don’t lose yourself in that.”

She even went on to say that she always dreamt of being on Stranger Things, but it accompanied things she did not want.

Watch the short film and let us know if you like it.

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