Stranger Things star Sadie Sink on season 4: “It’s really amazing this year”

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink on season 4: “It’s really amazing this year”

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink talked about the production process and the scale of season 4. Here’s what she had to say for the upcoming season.

As we all know, Stranger Things is an exceptionally famous sci-fi series. Having debuted in 2016, the series has three seasons on Netflix right now. The fans have been waiting for the fourth season since July 2019. Even though it seemed like the wait was going to be forever, we’re finally approaching a wrap. Fortunately, Stranger Things season 4 is pretty close to finishing its production process.

Some actors such as Gaten Matarazzo and David Harbour talked about the new season throughout the filming. Therefore, we have a vague idea about what to expect from the new season. We now have one more interview, this time it’s from Sadie Sink. The young actor, who plays Max Mayfield in the series, talked to Collider about the fourth season.

Sadie Sink on the production of Stranger Things season 4

She reflected on the filming process of the new season, which took a very long time because of the pandemic.

“So we started filming Season 4, I don’t even know when it was, but it was before the pandemic and then we got like a month of filming done, then we had to stop for I guess seven or eight months, and then we came back to work and things were completely different,” she said. “So I think the real challenging part was just adjusting to the new rules and the regulations that were in place on set. That was a big adjustment. But yeah, I think we were all just so grateful to be able to work. And we’ve been working for a while now and creating something really amazing.”

Sadie Sink on the scale of Stranger Things season 4

Sink then mentioned her thoughts about how the series progressed in terms of scale with each season. This one is no exception for her.

“The scale of the show just gets bigger and bigger each year so yeah, it’s just been really incredible to see where they’re going with the storyline. It’s really amazing this year. And just how the stakes are just so much higher. Higher than they’ve ever been.”

What to expect from Stranger Things season 4?

Virtually all of the actors who mentioned their feelings about the new season think alike. According to Gaten Matarazzo, David Harbour, Maya Hawke, and now Sadie Sink, this season is going to be even deeper than all of the earlier ones. Besides, as Duffer Brothers had a lot of time to write the scripts, the attention to detail in this season will be exceptionally interesting.

If you’re in the mood to read a list, here are 11 things you can expect to see in Stranger Things season 4.

What is the release date of Stranger Things season 4?

After a long wait, we’re finally at the end of the production process. According to David Harbour’s remarks, they’re planning to wrap it up this August. If they can do so, we’ll only have the post-production process to wait for. It usually takes around half a year for Netflix. As Stranger Things is a big series with a lot of VFX, it might take a little longer. So, we can expect an early-mid 2022 release date for Stranger Things season 4. Besides, Finn Wolfhard earlier said that it would “hopefully” be released in 2022, so it lines up with that.

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