Stranger Things season 4 is pretty close to a wrap

Stranger Things season 4 is pretty close to a wrap

Stranger Things season 4 has kept us waiting for a long while, but it’s almost a wrap.

Stranger Things is among the most popular Netflix originals for some time now. Having debuted back in 2016, the series was a massive hit for the streaming giant. It was a no-brainer for Netflix to go on with Stranger Things. Therefore, they gave us two more seasons. Fans have been waiting for the fourth season to drop since July 2019, and it seems the wait is finally coming to an end. Even though we’re still far away from the release of the new season, the filming process is almost finished.

That’s because an important cast member just shared a new photo with the caption “That’s a wrap! Bye for now.” It’s none other than Cara Buono, who plays Karen Wheeler in the series, who we’re talking about. According to her latest Instagram post, the star finished filming her scenes. Given her somewhat major role in the series, the whole thing is probably coming to an end.

Moreover, we previously heard a possible wrap date from another star. David Harbour, who’s among the most popular actors in the cast of Stranger Things, said that the crew was planning to wrap the filming up in August 2021. He also mentioned his scenes were almost done, too. Thankfully, he’s been pretty vocal about the progress of the new season. That’s because he also hinted at some striking plot twists in the new season that await us alongside his thoughts about the character Hopper. Check out David Harbour’s interviews by clicking on the related links.

What is the expected release date of Stranger Things season 4?

We have a better view of the general situation as the new season’s filming is coming to an end. Netflix usually takes around 6 months to complete the post-production processes of the seasons. As Stranger Things season 4 will be a big one with a lot of VFX needed, it’s probably going to take much more than that. You can expect the new season to come to Netflix around early 2022, but there’s nothing official yet.

Q4 2021 is an option for Netflix, too, but it has a very slim chance. That’s because they would need to get their skates on, and they wouldn’t want to that as fans expect a great season. Moreover, the lineup for Q4 2021 is pretty full with series like The Witcher season 2, You season 3, and Money Heist season 5. All in all, we can probably rule out a 2021 release for Stranger Things season 4.

Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike in the series, said that the new season would “hopefully” be released in 2022. Even though it’s a pretty broad window, it lines up with our expectations.

What to expect from Stranger Things season 4?

When we look at what the actors said about the new season, we can definitely say we’re underway for a great and dark season.

According to Maya Hawke, Gaten Matarazzo, and David Harbour, the writers took their time to write a kick-ass script with immaculate attention to detail. That’s because they had plenty of time to work on the season, contrary to the earlier ones.

Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo think that the new season is going to be dark as hell. You can also check out our list of 11 things to expect from Stranger Things season 4.

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