Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Struggles to Remember an Improvised Fan-Favorite Line

Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Struggles to Remember an Improvised Fan-Favorite Line

The success of Stranger Things can be measured by the massive fan following it has formed. In a matter of few seasons, the show not only profited its makers, but also the actors that play a part. And Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson is one of them, who would smoothly improvise his dialogues during the shoot. But when asked recently in an expo, he struggled to recall them.

Through the series, we fell in love with certain characters, regardless of the span of the show. One such character in Season 4 was Eddie Munson. He appeared in the first episode of Season 4 and dies for a good cause by the end of the season. Eddie carried a bad boy persona, selling drugs and leading the Hellfire Club; he was accused of the murder of Chrissy. The long-haired metalhead showcased the perfect typical teenager in the 80s, and Eddie managed to steal hearts within one season.

Fans of Eddie Munson help Joseph Quinn with his dialogues

Quinn was recently a panel member for Stranger Things at Toronto’s fan Expo Canada. In a video by @alexiaxx, he was asked to repeat his pick of improvised dialogue as Eddie. But the actor struggled to remember that or any other improvised lines. Thankfully the audience helped him jog his memory with, “don’t ya big boy?”. He finally recalled and said, “yeah I guess that one. Calling Joe Kerry a ‘big boy’ is my favorite.”

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Alongside him were Jamie Bower (Vecna), Grace Van Dien (Chrissy), and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) who also helped him. Wolfhard recalled how Quinn improvised Eddie’s dialogue in the cafeteria, “and it’s killing the kids!”. Bower also mentioned how Eddie’s dialogue at the picnic table was mostly improvised.

Quinn’s character suffers a very heartbreaking death while bravely fighting the batmobile. The scene was one of the most magnificent ones as he gave his guitar hero performance against a thunderous backdrop in the Upside Down in order to distract the enemies. Writers of the Netflix show also revealed that as Eddie lays in Dustin’s arms, Quinn says the improvised dialogue, “I love you, man”. It proved to be impactful on the fan’s emotions and showed the sweet side of Eddie’s character.

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His character will possibly make a comeback as a villain in season 5. And fans cannot wait for it to release, but meanwhile, they will continue to remember every dialogue and pour love toward Joseph Quinn. Which is your favorite Eddie Munson dialogue? Comment below and let us know.

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