“Snyder is a director that has revolutionized cinema”: Ozark Star Talks About ‘Rebel Moon’ After the Money Laundering Series Ended

“Snyder is a director that has revolutionized cinema”: Ozark Star Talks About ‘Rebel Moon’ After the Money Laundering Series Ended

Alfonso Herrera is playing his cards right! After starring in the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Ozark, as the cartel boss, Javi Elizonndro now the actor is prepping up to shoot for Zack Snyder’s upcoming flick, Rebel Moon. The actor is currently preparing for his role in the movie. Shooting hasn’t begun yet, but he just “can’t wait” for his first day on set! 

Alfonso Herrera only has mad respect for Zack Snyder 

According to Alfonso, Zack has “revolutionized cinema”. “He has created important projects for the industry and the world. I mean, who hasn’t seen Zack Snyder’s films? He’s a cultural reference in many ways, so I’m very excited to share a set with him and to work with him and with his team,” said the actor. 

Rebel Moon, a sci-fi adventure drama will have two parts. Snyder intends to expand the universe and establish a franchise. The much-anticipated flick from Snyder stars Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, and more. 

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On the shocking ending of Ozark and his character

Viewers didn’t see Javi’s death coming. 

That’s the amazing thing about this show. You never know what’s going to happen, so no one is safe. The last seven episodes are more or less exactly like that,” the actor explained.

For many, he wasn’t supposed to be the last hurdle for the Byrdes. But Ruth Langmore beat the Byrdes to that. She avenged her cousin Wyatt and his wife, Darlene Snell death. However, the killing scene shocked the actor as well even though he knew what was coming.

But I was really shocked by the way [director] Amanda Marsalis shot the [death] scene. I loved it. I also loved how they didn’t cut to a different frame. It was presented very straightforwardly, but it was very, very shocking.”

Although Alfonso Herrera’s Javi was the cold-blooded villain in the series. The actor feels there was a “human side” to his character. He was always very honest and never hid his true feelings. He continued to hold a grudge against the professor. 

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