Zack Snyder Plans on Expanding the Rebel Moon Universe, FIND OUT What His Plans Are

Zack Snyder Plans on Expanding the Rebel Moon Universe, FIND OUT What His Plans Are

Lately, it has become a tradition to split grand epics into two parts. Not sure if the reason is to bank on the profitable idea or to explore the story more. But after Denis Villeneuve’s Dune got two films. It looks like Zack Snyder has somewhat similar plans for his sci-fi epic Rebel Moon.

Could we be getting yet another SnyderVerse? Let us try to find out.

Zack Snyder movie Rebel Moon to be split into two parts

Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder’s next Netflix film, is said to be a two-part epic. Following his departure from the DC Extended Universe, Netflix partnered with the famous filmmaker.

With Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder has already established a new movie universe. Still, his love of science fiction and world-building has introduced Rebel Moon to Netflix as another potentially gigantic series.

A Star Wars concept inspires the film that Lucasfilm rejected. It follows Sofia Boutella, who plays a young lady who becomes the face of a rising resistance against the galaxy’s conquerors.

According to a recent rumor from THR, Snyder and Netflix are preparing to break Rebel Moon into two films. The eventual two-part releases were referred to as “two epic features,” by the source.

The production will begin this month and go through November. It is unknown when either portion of Rebel Moon will stream on Netflix. If Rebel Moon‘s two-part debut does well, there’s a potential that Netflix will produce spinoffs.

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The decision to break Rebel Moon into two films is an early hint of Snyder’s sci-fi film’s epic grandeur.

Will it be good for Netflix?

Snyder’s decision to expand Rebel Moon from a single film to a two-part epic for Netflix is unsurprising. The streaming service is in urgent need of new franchises, and Snyder is notorious for stretching out his films.

A six-month filming timetable should provide him with enough material for two movies if he was able to film a four-hour edit of Justice League during production.

Only time will tell if this assumption turns out to be true. Meanwhile, let us know if you want to see Rebel Moon in two parts or not?

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