“Everything I created was dark..”- Billie Eilish Reveals Alongside Doja Cat on Audible Podcast

“Everything I created was dark..”- Billie Eilish Reveals Alongside Doja Cat on Audible Podcast

Billie Eilish reveals how people misunderstand her music style. The Bad Boys singer is recently making headlines for her new love interest Jesse Rutherford. She appears happy and smiling as the two are seen together. The 20-year-old is also happy since winning several Grammys. The artist enjoyed a huge fan following often acknowledging them in interviews.

The singer stepped foot in the industry at quite a young age, though she is known for her mature music style. Even winning her major recognition for her song No Time to Die from the movie James Bond. But the young woman talked about what she felt about her music. All in a podcast which also invited singer Doja Cat.

What did Billie Eilish and Doja cat talk about in the podcast?

Billie and Doja Cat were amongst other artists who appeared on Audible’s show Origins. In the podcast they ask one simple question, “Where are you from? ” and gradually talk about the guest’s influence and life. During her episode, Eilish explained, “It was so surprising to me that people thought everything I created was dark.”

The entertainer thinks that people view her music as being dark and depressing. She even gave examples of the band Beatles of the P. S. I Love You song,  and Groupie Love singer Lana Del Rey, stating how they are similar to her but yet she gets boxed into a type.

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Doja Cat who also appeared on the podcast said how she, “always tried to bring” her fans into her world. And that she did not care what people think of her. The Woman singer is more interested in creating music that she is into, and wants people to understand the real her.

The first season of the show consisted of eight episodes and featured various artists like John Legend, Eddie Vedder, and Cheryl Crowe. The show explores big artists and explores how these musicians take their motivations differently. Eilish used this platform to clear her thoughts on her music style, although she once also stated how dark visuals and songwriting helps understand her own depression better.

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